| Wednesday, October 11, 2017 |
Global event

How to Integrate AppSec Testing into your DevOps Program

12:00 PM » 1:00 PM

During this live webinar, IBM & Denim Group join forces to demonstrate how Application Security Testing can be integrated with DevOps methodologies to identify and remediate high-risk vulnerabilities quickly, with minimal overhead.

Specifically, we’ll discuss how you can integrate Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) using IBM AppScan Enterprise REST API into a DevOps CI/CD pipeline, which helps you to automatically identify high-risk vulnerabilities within web applications and web services. We’ll also show how using Denim Group's ThreadFix offering with AppScan Enterprise allows for seamless integration with typical DevOps tool-sets, in order to further reduce the overhead associated with AppSec testing within the SDLC.

Register today for this compelling session that’s grounded in best practices and based on real-world implementations. You’ll experience our solution demo and have your pressing DevOps questions answered in the session.

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