• Welcome To MaaS360 Ongoing Product Education

    MaaS360 is a cloud based device management platform that can secure a wide variety of devices, operating systems, and data in any enterprise landscape.  Device management and security are growing rapidly, with critical changes often occurring multiple times a quarter.  To ensure that MaaS360 admins are able to keep up with the fast pace of evolution, we have created the Ongoing Product Education curriculum on the Security Learning Academy.  Release notes, quick reference guides, important notifications (including maintenance schedules), educational webinars, and important information in a one-stop-shop, for all clients, of all sizes, across all verticals.

    • Release Notes

      MaaS360 Cloud and associated applications undergo numerous updates throughout the year.  Oftentimes these will result in new features and functionality being added, some of which are not immediately apparent to the admins and end users.  The release notes will highlight these changes, and offer instructions and guidance on implementation where applicable.

    • Upcoming Webinars and Replays


      Most Recent Replay


      Support Transformation Webinar - March 12th 2019: Register Now

      • Information about critical changes to the MaaS360 Support Process
      • Recommended that all MaaS360 IBM Direct clients attend

      Ready, Set, Google! Getting Started with GSuite and MaaS360 - 19 March 2019: Register Now!

      • A guided walk-through of GSuite integration with MaaS360
      • A discussion of Android management best practices
      • A demonstration of ChromeOS setup
      • A live Q&A session

    • Quick Reference Guide

      The MaaS360 Quick Reference Guide is a great place to find manuals on implementing some of our most popular features.  It includes: Enrollment guides, implementation of 3rd party products, set up of features, and tips and tricks.  The MaaS360 Evaluators Guide is a useful document for those who are just getting started with MaaS360, and will walk first time admins through the basic tenets of MaaS360 and modern EMM.

    • Important Notifications

      MaaS360 Product Notification Change:  Please sign up for IBM My notifications to get future MaaS360 Maintenance and Release Notifications

      To comply with GDPR regulations all notifications for the MaaS360 product will now be disseminated through the IBM My Notification tool.   This includes notifications from support and release management on topics such as release maintenance notices, incident reporting and newsletters.  The notifications can be set up for delivery via email and/or RSS Feed.  The types of notifications received can be customized so that there are never too many or too few, and any MaaS360 admin can keep up to date. For details on how to register for this tool read here.


      New MaaS360 Status Page :  

      Check out the newly launched MaaS360 Status Page. This page will provide system status for all the MaaS360 portal, incident notification and scheduled maintenance.   https://status.maas360.com 

      MaaS360 Portal Maintenance - 10.73 Dates and Times Coming Soon.    (Please check back later) 


      MaaS360 Product Information

      • MMaaS360 Release Announcement WiKi: Click Here       
      • MaaS360 SaaS Knowledge Center: Click  Here
      • MaaS360 DeveloperWorks Community: Click Here
      • MaaS360 Video Channel on the IBM Security Learning Academy: Click Here

      Future Portal Maintenance Updates 

      • No dates have been confirmed at this time.  Please check back later

      The below date will be allocated for MaaS360 upcoming portal maintenance.  Portal maintenance typically runs from Friday 10 PM ET to 4 AM ET. Note: Customers on AsiaPac instance maintenance for Code releases will typically run Monday 9 AM ET – 2 PM ET 

    • Additional Resources


      Additional Information

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      • System Status

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        • Support Transformation Forums

          MaaS360 Forums to address any questions or concerns around the upcoming support transformation changes