Verify Access (Access Manager) Base

Verify Access (Access Manager) Base Courses:

Connect Verify Access as an identity source

In this video, you learn how to connect IBM Security Verify Access as an identity source for IBM Security Verify.

IBM Security Verify Access Branching Authentication Policies

This video is a guide to the new Branching Authentication Policies feature of IBM Security Verify Access.

The course covers these topics:

  • Authentication policies
  • Branching, flow, information at runtime
  • Decision mechanism, configuration, making and resetting decisions
  • Other macros
  • Scenarios: Generic, Second factor, Username-less, MMFA with TOTP fallback
  • OOTB mapping rule method usage

What's new in the IBM Security Verify Access 10.0 release

The 10.0 version of IBM Security Verify Access, previously known as IBM Security Access Manager, was released on 12 June 2020. This video provides a brief overview of the new features which have been added to the product as a part of the release.

There are major features described in this video:
  • WebSEAL
  • Branching Authentication Policies
  • Federation
The course also describes minor features related to Platform support, Docker, AAC, and FIDO2 and more.

Configuring and using Access Manager V9 Platform

This lab provides a brief introduction to IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) V9 Platform administration. You learn how to configure and use the IBM Security Access Manager V9.0.3 Platform module for web access management.

Configuring client certificate and step-up authentication

This lab covers how to configure IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) to use the user certificates issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) for the client certificate-based authentication. The lab also demonstrates the step-up authentication using the client certificate-based authentication.

Tour ISAM and CI training on the Security Learning Academy

Join the IBM Security Learning Services team for an in-depth tour of the Security Learning Academy, with a focus on IBM Security Access Manager and Cloud Identity course offerings. During this webinar, you will see how to navigate the platform, search the course catalog, enroll in a course, view your enrollments on your dashboard, create progress reports, and see how Security Learning Academy is integrated with IBM VIP Rewards for Security.

Configuring Authentication Service Framework, CBA and OAuth Authorization for REST API access

IBM Security Verify Access (previously known as IBM Security Access Manager or ISAM) provides Authentication Service Framework within the AAC module for policy-based strong and second factor authentication features and functions.

In this lab, you learn how to configure and use the /mga/sps/apiauthsvc endpoint for REST API access. First, configure the integration between the Reverse Proxy and the AAC runtime for context-based access (CBA) control, and OAuth Authorization. Then, create an access policy that detects high-value transactions based on a JSON parameter in the HTTP POST request and prompt the users for second-factor authentication (2FA). Users are required to provide a one-time password (OTP) sent to their email address. The users are allowed access after they provide a valid OTP. This lab uses MAC OTP mechanism for 2FA but other supported method can be used.