Access Manager Base

Access Manager Base Courses:

Configuring and using IBM Access Manager V9 Platform

This lab provides brief introduction to IBM Access Manager V9 Platform administration. You learn how to configure and use IBM Access Manager V9.0.3 Platform module for web access management.

Securing web applications using ACL, POP, and Authorization rule policies

In this lab, you use ACLs, POPs, and authorization rules to control access to the web content.

Configuring different types of junctions and passing identity attributes to backend resources

In this lab, you will build the reverse proxy junctions and use various options to pass identity information through headers.

Configuring HTTP transformation feature

In this lab, you configure HTTP transformation rules to modify HTTP requests and responses passing through the reverse proxy junctions.

Configuring client certificate and step-up authentication

This lab covers how to use the user certificates issued by a trusted authority for the client certificate authentication. It also demonstrates step-up authentication using client certificate as a second level of authentication.

Configuring SSO to WebSphere Liberty using LTPA token

This lab provides a sample configuration that enables Liberty application to authenticate and authorize against the Access Manager LDAP user registry using an LTPA cookie.

Configuring External Authentication Interface (EAI)

This lab demonstrates steps to configure the Access Manager reverse proxy to redirect the authentication process to an EAI application.

Configuring basic users using Active Directory as a federated directory

In this lab, you set up an Active Directory as a Federated directory. Then, you configure the Active Directory users as Basic users in Access Manager.