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This cookbook explores the deployment of IBM Security Verify Access 10.0.0 into a Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Key objectives:

  • Introduce OpenShift Concepts
  • Introduce the OKD Cluster
  • Prepare for Verify Access Deployment
  • Deploy OpenLDAP
  • Deploy PostgreSQL
  • Deploy Verify Access Core Application
  • Configure shared volume REST access
  • Create and test Reverse Proxy
  • Enable Distributed Session Cache
  • Configure AAC Authentication Service


Helm Charts can be used to help deploy and manage complex Kubernetes environments. A new Helm chart has just been published to GitHub and the IBM Cloud Private catalog, which allows you to easily deploy IBM Access Manager (IAM) into a Kubernetes environment.

The video provides information and a demo on how you can get access to and use the IAM Helm chart.

The cookbook explores the deployment of IBM Security Access Manager (SAM) into a Kubernetes cluster using Helm Charts.


The IBM Security Verify technical support team delivered this webinar on 4 May 2020. The presentation covers all methods, new and old, for replicating reverse proxies across multiple IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) (now known as IBM Security Verify Access) appliances. Learn to use programmatic methods to ensure all reverse proxy configurations are matched. Learn how to avoid manual maintenance that can contribute to mistakes.

Methods examined:

  • Ansible playbook on Github
  • Export/Import by means of LMI or REST API
  • pdadmin server sync command