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Verify Access (Access Manager) - Latest Courses:


The 10.0 version of IBM Security Verify Access, previously known as IBM Security Access Manager, was released on 12 June 2020. This video provides a brief overview of the new features which have been added to the product as a part of the release.

There are major features described in this video:
  • WebSEAL
  • Branching Authentication Policies
  • Federation
The course also describes minor features related to Platform support, Docker, AAC, and FIDO2 and more.


This video is a guide to the new Branching Authentication Policies feature of IBM Security Verify Access.

The course covers these topics:

  • Authentication policies
  • Branching, flow, information at runtime
  • Decision mechanism, configuration, making and resetting decisions
  • Other macros
  • Scenarios: Generic, Second factor, Username-less, MMFA with TOTP fallback
  • OOTB mapping rule method usage


Experts from IBM Security Access Manager Technical Support explain the various mechanisms available to modify HTTP data during requests and responses.

Topics in this September, 2019, webinar:

  • Questions we get in Support cases
  • HTTP transformation rules
  • HTTP-Tag-Value Extended Credential Attributes
  • Reverse proxy config file stanza
  • ICAP support


This video provides an overview to the Reverse Proxy worker thread and related parameters so that you understand how to tune them for better performance. Be careful when tuning your servers. Always back up your configuration files before making any changes.


This IBM Security Access Manager course is the recording from a webinar held on 27 February, 2020. It covers some common questions and misconceptions about how exactly WebSEAL junction pings and WebSEAL thread settings work. It provides an exact flow to understand what triggers the various junction states. It also covers exactly what the WebSEAL threads settings mean, including soft and hard limits and when they are applied.