IBM Security Credentials

   IBM Security Credentials
   IBM credentials are valued and recognized by the global IT industry.
   Communicating your credentials can be a challenge in today’s online
   marketplace so IBM supports a full range of Digital Badges and
   Professional Certifications to attest to your skills.

   IBM Digital Badges attest to your mastery of a specified role. Some
   badges can be earned by completing a course of self-study and passing a
   an online quiz. Other badges require your participation in an
   instructor-led course, either delivered by an authorized IBM Training
   Partner or at an IBM training event.

   The IBM Security Certifications are part of the IBM Professional
   Certification Program (, a worldwide industry program
   open to all technical professionals (IBM employees, Business Partners,
   Clients). This program enables you to demonstrate your proficiency in
   the latest IBM technology and solutions. It helps establish that you
   have the capability to perform job role related tasks and activities at
   a specified level of competence. Your participation is beneficial if you
   wish to validate your knowledge and technical skills, as well as for
   companies that wish to ensure certain performance levels for their

   Each certification calls for the successful completion of one or more
   certification tests.
   Each certification course is free-of-charge and focuses on the knowledge
   and technical skills measured on a test.

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