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Customer Badges Courses:

MaaS360 Cloud Extender Administrator Foundations

 MaaS360 Cloud Extender Administrator Foundations badge

MaaS360 Cloud Extender Administrator Foundations

The badge earner demonstrates foundational knowledge in how to deploy Cloud Extender in a business environment that includes mobile device management. The earner can integrate the User Authentication module to support self-service enrollment so that device users can enroll in MaaS360 with their corporate credentials. The earner can also configure the User Visibility module to import users of specific groups into MaaS360 from Active Directory/LDAP.

IBM Guardium Foundations

  Guardium Foundations badge logo

Guardium Foundations

Are you getting ready to administer database security policies? Learn how to configure Guardium V11 to discover, classify, analyze, protect, and control access to sensitive data. You will learn to perform vulnerability assessment, and how to monitor data and file activity. This course also teaches you how to create reports, audits, alerts, metrics, and compliance oversight processes.

Cloud Pak for Security - Security Analyst

Cloud Security Architect - Engineer Fundamentals badge logo

Cloud Pak for Security - Security Analyst

The badge earner is a SOC Analysts or other technical resource who requires a comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity threat investigation using Cloud Pak for Security 1.3. The badge earner knows how to configure connectors to data sources, is familiar with federated searches, and is able to use filters and data analysis in the Data Explorer app, configure Threat Intelligence Insights and understands the basics of Case Management. ​

IBM Veteran's Initiative: IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook V9 Essentials

IBM i2 Analyst Notebook V9 Foundations badge logo

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook V9  Essentials

The badge earner has demonstrated knowledge and skills of Analyst's Notebook V9 to include link analysis methodology, manual chart creation, importing data, searching/querying charts, data analysis tools, and publishing options to quickly convert raw data into actionable intelligence by uncovering hidden connections and relationships.

MaaS360 Architect

MaaS360 Architect badge logo

MaaS360 Architect

The MaaS360 Architect Badge is issued and recognized by IBM. Recipients of this badge prove their knowledge to implement the MaaS360 mobile device management system for an organization. Earning the MaaS360 Architect Badge attests that you are able to:

  • Explain how MaaS360 supports devices, applications, and content
  • Describe how to integrate mobile devices with enterprise and cloud
  • Explain strategies and planning activities that support a smooth deployment of MaaS360

IBM QRadar SIEM Foundation

QRadar SIEM Foundations badge logo

IBM QRadar SIEM Foundation badge

This badge earner has demonstrated the knowledge to navigate the QRadar SIEM user interface including the dashboard, and how to investigate offenses. The individual can also investigate an offense that is triggered by events or flows using asset profiles, rules, reports and advanced filters.

IBM QRadar SIEM Advanced

QRadar SIEM Advanced badge logo

IBM QRadar SIEM Advanced 

This is an IBM-issued and IBM-recognized badge that attests that recipients have demonstrated the knowledge to configure the processing of uncommon events in QRadar SIEM, manage reference data collections, and develop custom rules that apply to the events and flows in QRadar SIEM.

IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence Business User Foundations

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 IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence Business User Foundations 

GI is IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence, IBM's flagship identity management product. An individual who earns this badge will have demonstrated a broad understanding of the application and what a business user would need to know to be successful. The badge earner is familiar with the following 6 areas: Basic IGI concepts including navigation and terminology; Role Lifecycle Management; Risk Control Modeling; Certification Campaigns; Reporting; and New Features.

Security MaaS360 Help Desk

 MaaS360 Help Desk Role badge logo

MaaS360 Help Desk Role

Help Desk personnel who successfully complete the requirements for the badge will have proven proficiency in providing Level 1 support to the mobile device users in an enterprise.  Level 1 support can include resetting passwords, helping with enrollment issues, lost devices, configuration problems, and access issues.