Identity and Access Management

Explore silent identity and access management solutions for today's hybrid environments.

  • IBM Cloud Identity
  • IBM Security Access Manager
  • IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence (IGI)
  • IBM Security Secret.

Use these Identity and Access Management “COVID-19 & Your Business” troubleshooting courses to assist you in tuning your environment during times of increased loads.

Identity and Access Management Courses:

Configuring replication using CLI on IBM Security Directory Suite Virtual Appliance 8.0.1

In this video, you learn how to configure replication for two Directory Servers using the command line on Directory Suite Virtual Appliance 8.0.1.

Replication is a technique used by Directory Servers to improve:

  • performance
  • availability
  • reliability
Time: 10 minutes

Installing Secret Server and Privilege Manager

This video details how to plan for and complete the installations for Secret Server and Privilege Manager.

Duration: 26 minutes

Setting the JVM heap size in IBM Security Identity Manager

This video covers setting the appropriate JVM heap size for your IBM Security Identity Manager appliance.

Open Mic: Performance Tuning in IBM Directory Server 8.0.1 Virtual Appliance with a Remote DB2 Database

This video helps understand and perform several performance tuning aspects of IBM Directory Suite 8.0.1 Virtual Appliance Directory Server with a remote database. Performance tuning is an iterative and periodic task.

Topics covered in the Open Mic are:

  • Directory Server Components: Tuning Perspective
  • LDAP Server Caches
  • DB2 Memory Management and Buffer Pools
  • LDAP Server worker threads and DB2 connections
  • Data import/load considerations
  • Data Organization
  • Data Optimization
  • Indexing the attributes used in search filters
  • Additional DB2 tuning
  • Additional performance tuning resources
  • Useful Links

How to configure TCP tuning parameters for Access Manager

This video demonstrates how to tune TCP network stack behavior on Access Manager appliance. The tcp settings suggested in this video are recommended to resolve performance issues such as heavy network traffic, connection errors, socket timeouts, and port exhaustion.

Configuring DB2 Indexes for ISIM

Adding indexes for specific tables can improve the performance of some directory server queries. This course walks through adding these indexes.

Secret Server Installation On-Premise

Learn the end to end process, from understanding prerequisites through license installation, for installing the IBM Secret Server.


  • Know the Secret Server installation prerequisites
  • Learn where to download .NET framework 4.5.1 for installation
  • Understand how to install Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Understand how to install SQL Server Express and know the recommended SQL versions
  • Know the required steps for the Secret Server MSI installer
  • Learn how to install a Secret Server license

Secret Server Launchers

Secret Server launchers open a connection to a remote computer or device or logs into a website using the secret’s credentials directly from the webpage. A demonstration of this feature is also provided.

In this course, the following topics are covered:

  • What are Launchers?
  • Launcher Types
    • Remote Desktop, PuTTY, Web, Custom
  • Session Management
  • SSH Proxy
    • SSH Command Menus
  • Troubleshooting tips
Duration: 31 minutes

Secret Server Licenses

This course shows you how to activate a license in Secret Server.

Duration: 3 minutes

Understanding and tuning Reverse Proxy worker threads

This video provides an overview to the Reverse Proxy worker thread and related parameters so that you understand how to tune them for better performance. Be careful when tuning your servers. Always back up your configuration files before making any changes.