IBM Security Guardium safeguards sensitive data with a simple, robust solution that supports the data security lifecycle. From automating compliance to preventing data leaks from databases, files, big data platforms, and more, Guardium can protect your sensitive data.

Guardium Roadmaps:

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Getting Started with Guardium

This roadmap outlines fundamental courses that are intended for someone new to IBM Guardium. These courses describe how to plan for and deploy Guardium. It discusses the Guardium installation management (GIM) agent and discusses S-TAP deployment to database servers, as well as using Guardium to manage a database hosted in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. This roadmap includes how to configure Guardium policies and discover vulnerabilities in your data environment. It also discusses how to clone and create Guardium queries and reports.


These courses prepare you to plan a Guardium deployment.


These courses teach you to deploy a Guardium environment.


These courses teach you how to configure Guardium.

Vulnerability Assessment

These courses teach you how to discover vulnerabilities in your data environment.


These courses teach you how to generate reports.

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