Roadmap: Guardium Administrator

The total time required to complete this roadmap is 52h 50m.

As a Guardium Adminstrator, you will learn how to implement and manage data security solutions using Guardium


These courses introduce you to basic Guardium concepts


Use these courses to learn about deploying Guardium and monitoring agents


These courses help you configure Guardium


These courses teach you how to administer and patch a Guardium environment


Use these courses to gather information on basic Guardium issues and work with Support to remediate them

Commercial courses

Commercial courses cover a broad range of fundamental tasks.Tasks are described in the course summary of each course. If you prefer an instructor-led training program, these commercial courses are for you. Many topics covered in the commercial courses are also available in the Security Learning Academy.

Badges and certifications

Badges and certifications provide valuable credentials that prove the skills you have obtained in this role.