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In this course, Jack Kerbert from IBM Security Guardium Technical Support shares information about Guardium Aggregation, which while designed to be accessible to beginners, will also benefit more advanced users.


The Guardium TechBook consists of several video presentations on key topics that provide a current technical foundation for IBM Security Guardium Data Protection. These are the topics covered:

  • Architecture, Deployment and Automation
  • Data Collection methods
  • GIM and S-TAP installation
  • Data Protection
  • Reporting and auditing
  • Policy management
  • Analytics
  • Administration performance
  • Guardium Vision
  • Guardium Insights introduction
  • Guardium for z/OS Overview and Best Practices


Polices are a core component of the Guardium Solution. Policies are sets of rules and actions applied in real time to the database traffic observed by a Guardium system. Policies define which traffic is ignored or logged, which activities require more granular logging, and which activities should trigger an alert or block access to the database.  Therefore, it is critical to develop strategies and techniques associated with polices to maintain a healthy Guardium ecosystem while meeting business requirements. This course consolidates every Guardium policy course on the Security Learning Academy, which provides you with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences to help you develop effective and efficient Guardium polices in your environment. 

In this course, you learn about creating, installing, and tuning Guardium polices through various related videos and labs. In addition, you learn about policy strategy, recommended practices when designing your polices, and advanced policy techniques.