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Guardium Latest Courses:


This course introduces  you to the Guardium interface and command line interface. You learn how to access common Guardium features and applications. You can use the Guardium command line interface (CLI) to automate and script functions that are frequently used. You learn how to search the CLI for commands and list applicable options.

In the lab, you explore the Guardium GUI and learn how to classify data in your database environment. You create a new classification policy that searches for credit card numbers and populates the Sensitive Objects group with the table name and column name for each detected incident. 

The lab environment reflects Guardium 10.5.

Franklin Almonte


In this video, Shay Harel, Director of Data Security Engineering, explores the new features and updates in IBM Guardium v11. 

Topics include:

  • Upgrade
  • Active threat analytics
  • Risk spotter
  • Policy analyzer
  • Smart Assistant
  • CyberArk integration
  • Data protection for files (Sharepoint and NAS)       
  • Vulnerability Assessment enhancements
  • External STAP with Kubernetes
  • Monitor DBaaS without STAP
  • New platform support database
  • Miscellaneous updates