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Data security breaches are more frequent and more expensive than in the past. Even more pressing, insider data breaches are present in many data breaches and they make up a great percentage of the total data breach expense for organizations.  Why are insider threat-related breaches costly? Insiders, or those who pose as insiders, have more access to sensitive and regulated data and therefore can do more damage. 

These realities mean that single niche vendors, with their siloed and narrow scope, are less capable of addressing complex modern data security, privacy, and compliance requirements. To help you traverse this new and potentially confusing landscape, make sure you can achieve the following good practices: 

  • Spot, stop, and defend your organization from data breaches
  • Reduce the burden of remediating a data breach
  • Modernize your data security solutions 
  • Quickly gather audit data
  • Integrate and collaborate with a security ecosystem
Guardium is uniquely positioned to provide a modern data security solution that is centered around your security requirements