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Data security monitoring is resource-intensive. Production databases produce many transactions. Policy criteria defines the actions that must run quickly. Additionally, users must analyze and generate reports on the state of the database environment. All these tasks tax RAM, disk, and CPU. 

Guardium uses aggregators to offload reporting functions from collectors, which reduces the load on collector resources. Aggregators offload data from many collectors, which provides an overreaching view of the enterprise data environment.

This video introduces Guardium aggregators and the aggregation process.


The event replay is an overview of Guardium Enterprise Load Balancer, and includes the following topics:

  • Reasons to use Enterprise Load Balancer
  • Features and reports
  • API functions
  • Best practices
  • Troubleshooting examples


Guardium receives and processes a great amount of data that can be used to generate a report. However, sifting through this data to generate a report can be resource intensive. 

Data marts extract data based on a report query, and store it in either a seperate table or a file. This helps reduce managed unit resources necessary to generate a report, preserves relevant data after an archive and purge, facilitates exporting data to other reporting tools, and helps with the creation of distributed reports.


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IBM Guardium Foundations

IBM Security Guardium is a comprehensive data security platform that can help you support compliance initiatives, privacy initiatives, big data security projects, and comprehensive data protection. This course introduces you to Guardium. The following objectives are included in this course:

  • Use the Guardium user interface
  • Describe user access roles in Guardium
  • Create and populate Guardium groups
  • Monitor system and manage data with Guardium
  • Configure Guardium policies 
  • Use Guardium to perform data security tasks 
  • Create and clone a Guardium report


A brief overview of Session Level Policy, including benefits and several use cases.