Deployment & Administration

This category includes courses that help to deploy and administer Guardium.

Deployment & Administration Courses:

Guardium Insights 1.0 Installation Cookbook

The central reporting of activity of database activity monitoring systems is measured against the problem of huge amounts of data and the necessity of long data retention that is enforced by regulations, and correct identification of anomalies in user behavior through quantitative analysis.

IBM Security Guardium Insights (GI) is a response to these needs and is designed as a container service implementable in both private and public clouds. The following procedures bring together the various installation and configuration steps to install Guardium Insights. The process is divided into five main tasks:

  • System requirements
  • Red Hat setup
  • OpenShift installation
  • IBM Cloud Private installation
  • Guardium Insights installation

IBM Guardium alerts: Database full troubleshooting

If the IBM Guardium database utilization reaches capacity, this is a critical situation and operations will fail.  There are many reasons why this could happen, and it is important to review these causes to prevent this problem. It is also imperative that you are alerted when there is a problem.

This course is a troubleshooting tool.  Depending on your situation, you will choose to take preventive steps to maintain the health of your Guardium environment and prevent this issue, or if you are experiencing symptoms your database is getting full, you will be guided through troubleshooting steps.

Topics covered in this course:

Appliance patch levels      
Auto stop services  
Alert notifications
Purge periods Policy tuning
Database percent used           
Top database tables
Aggregation / archive logs                          
Disk & Database Health Analyzer                          
Collectors S-TAPs


  • Identify symptoms that indicate the Guardium database is getting full
  • Describe possible reasons the database utilization increases
  • Navigate through decision points to determine how to take preventive or corrective action
  • Troubleshoot based on the scenario you are experiencing
  • Prepare the required information to present to Guardium Technical Support, if needed 

Deployment Guide for InfoSphere Guardium

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides a guide for deploying the Guardium solutions.

This book also provides a roadmap process for implementing an InfoSphere Guardium solution that is based on years of experience and best practices that were collected from various Guardium experts. We describe planning, installation, configuration, monitoring, and administrating an InfoSphere Guardium environment. We also describe use cases and how InfoSphere Guardium integrates with other IBM products.

Troubleshooting Guardium installation

This resource helps your identify solutions to common installation failures or warnings

  • Upload patch not recognized
  •  Installation stuck at "preparing to install patch" step
  • Health Check patch warnings or failures
  • Generic patch installation failures
  • Patch installation stuck at certain step
  • Guardium 11 upgrade issue
In addition, you can use this resources to identify what data to collect and review to troubleshoot general installation failures. This includes installation must gather, relevant log files for review, and how to manually collect data if the appliance is in recovery mode.
Franklin Almonte

IBM Security Guardium On-Cloud Deployment Guides

IBM Security Guardium uses data activity monitoring, file activity monitoring, and vulnerability assessment to help ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of your data. Guardium can be deployed on various cloud environments, including Amazon AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The following guides provide instructions that you can use to deploy a Guardium instance in a specific cloud.