Guardium Courses:

Deploying the external S-TAP on AWS EKS using the Guardium UI

This video demonstrates the process of deploying the Guardium external S-TAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) in order to monitor AWS cloud databases with Guardium.

Guardium Insights Installation Cookbook

The central reporting of activity of database activity monitoring systems is measured against the problem of huge amounts of data and the necessity of long data retention that is enforced by regulations, and correct identification of anomalies in user behavior through quantitative analysis.

IBM Security Guardium Insights (GI) is a response to these needs and is designed as a container service implementable in both private and public clouds. The following procedures bring together the various installation and configuration steps to install Guardium Insights. The process is divided into five main tasks:

  • System requirements
  • Red Hat setup
  • OpenShift installation
  • IBM Cloud Private installation
  • Guardium Insights installation

What's new in Guardium 11.1

In this video, Shay Harel, Director of Data Security Engineering, explores the new features and updates in IBM Guardium v11.1. 

  • Mapping applications
  • Active threat analytics                         
  • Risk spotter
  • ServiceNow integration
  • Auto create inspection engine
  • IPv6 support
  • Cloud database updates  
  • Vulnerability Assessment enhancements  
  • S-TAP updates 
  • Mainframe updates
  • Sankey diagram for advanced investigations