Guardium Courses:

Guardium 11 policy analyzer

Guardium 11 introduces Policy Analyzer, which provides rule counts for installed Data Access Management (DAM) policy rules.

Guardium policy strategy and techniques

Polices are a core component of the Guardium Solution. Policies are sets of rules and actions applied in real time to the database traffic observed by a Guardium system. Policies define which traffic is ignored or logged, which activities require more granular logging, and which activities should trigger an alert or block access to the database.  Therefore, it is critical to develop strategies and techniques associated with polices to maintain a healthy Guardium ecosystem while meeting business requirements. This course consolidates every Guardium policy course on the Security Learning Academy, which provides you with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences to help you develop effective and efficient Guardium polices in your environment. 

In this course, you learn about creating, installing, and tuning Guardium polices through various related videos and labs. In addition, you learn about policy strategy, recommended practices when designing your polices, and advanced policy techniques.

Franklin Almonte

Lou Fuka

Avi Waleruis

The Case of the Missing Guardium DB Users

In Guardium, when a database user name in a report is blank, the cause should be investigated by the Guardium administrator.  In this course, you will learn various causes and solutions for missing DB USER information, illustrated with specific examples. 

Upgrading a Guardium appliance to version 11.0

The correct approach for upgrading Guardium depends on multiple factors, which include the version you are upgrading from, the hardware of your system, and any special partitioning requirements you might have. A common way to upgrade Guardium to the latest version is the upgrade patch method. Use an upgrade patch to upgrade all systems in a managed environment. The upgrade patch preserves all data and configurations with the exception of UI customizations due to a new UI architecture.

In this course, you learn how to plan a Guardium 11 upgrade, how to install the upgrade patch, and how to troubleshoot common installation failures.

Franklin Almonte