Guardium Courses:

Deploying the Guardium virtual appliance

Guardium is available as a hardware and software offering. The hardware offering is a physical appliance that is fully configured by IBM. The software offering consists of software images that are deployed on customer hardware directly or as virtual machines.

Most organizations use the software offering to deploy Guardium because they can take advantage of virtualization. The Guardium Virtual Machine (VM) is a software-only solution that you install on a host hypervisor machine such as VMware ESXI server.

In this lab you create a virtual machine, install the Guardium image, and perform basic configuration steps to connect the appliance to the network.

Author: Franklin Almonte

Getting started with Guardium policy actions

Policy actions are key components of Guardium polices and are critical to policy strategy and tuning. This interactive video introduces you to common blocking actions, alerting actions, and logging actions. It also includes general tips about using policy rule actions.

Franklin Almonte

Archiving Guardium Data

In this video, you learn how to configure the Guardium archive.

Open Mic: How to Build Custom KTAP Linux STAP

This IBM Guardium Open Mic discusses the following topics:

  • How to tell if KTAP will install directly on a kernel version? (i.e how to use ktaposmatch)
  • Options to build KTAP for unlisted kernel versions (flex_loading, and custom ktap build), including examples of each case, with GIM and non-GIM installs.