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Guardium General Courses:

What's new in Guardium 11.2

In this video, Shay Harel, Director of Data Security Engineering, explores the new features and updates in IBM Guardium v11.2.

Topics include:

  • Deployment Health
  • Asset reconciliation  
  • LDAP import
  • 2FA using DUO
  • FAM enhancements
  • Auto create inspection engine
  • GIM upload modules
  • Active threat detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment enhancements 
  • Ticketing support for audit process 
  • S-TAP updates 
  • Outliers clustering
  • Session Level Policy updates
  • ELB failover

What's new in Guardium Data Protection v11.3

An overview of the features and enhancements of the Guardium Data Protection version 11.3 release.

Facilitating secure hybrid cloud adoption with Guardium

Learn how IBM Security Guardium helps organizations expand data protection capabilities across hybrid/multi-cloud deployment models and take advantage of fast-paced innovation delivered through cloud-enabled services securely.

There is a fundamental shift in the way IT is providing services through modernized infrastructure and SecDevOps driven operational models. This shift, in turn, is affecting all the facets of application management, including the way organizations use and consume next-generation database management solutions.

Topics covered
  • Cloud trends
  • Database service use cases
  • Cloud journey
  • Data protection
  • External-TAP
  • Native logging
  • Streaming APIs
  • Considerations
  • Adoption
  • Guardium for database services

  • What's New in Guardium 10.5

    The IBM Security Guardium Data Protection v10.5 platform continues to evolve to support a wider variety of use cases, both by adding new functionality and by opening up the platform to support application integration.  In this tech talk, you will get an overview of the new and updated Guardium features, including:

    • An apps ecosystem that enables integration of your own functionality into Guardium 
    • An expansion of file discovery and classification to more deployment models 
    • Updates to Vulnerability Assessment, including support for SAP HANA 
    • Enhanced integration to support Guardium Big Data Intelligence use cases 
    • Platform enhancements for currency, security, and manageability

    Bookmarks in the video take you to the following topics:

    • Guardium App Exchange (Ecosystem)
    • File Access Monitoring (FAM) for SharePoint and NAS
    • Platform / OS changes
    • CyberArk integration
    • Currency updates
    • Sniffer updates
    • Guardium Big Data Intelligence (GBDI) integration
    • STAP, ATAP, and GIM updates
    • Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
    • IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

    What's new in Guardium 10.6

    In this Tech Talk, Shay Harel discusses several new IBM Guardium 10.6 enhancements that improve usability, core functionality and enable greater extensibility to new types of data environments. In the area of usability, there is a new policy builder user interface, as well as easier to use query report builder. There are new monitoring capabilities for Database as a Service. In addition, Guardium performance has been enhanced. Vulnerability assessment has improved accuracy and scan granularity. File access management with NAS and SharePoint enables consistent data protection across unstructured as well as structured data.

    What's new in Guardium 11.0

    In this video, Shay Harel, Director of Data Security Engineering, explores the new features and updates in IBM Guardium v11. 

    Topics include:

    • Upgrade
    • Active threat analytics
    • Risk spotter
    • Policy analyzer
    • Smart Assistant
    • CyberArk integration
    • Data protection for files (Sharepoint and NAS)       
    • Vulnerability Assessment enhancements
    • External STAP with Kubernetes
    • Monitor DBaaS without STAP
    • New platform support database
    • Miscellaneous updates

    What's new in Guardium 11.1

    In this video, Shay Harel, Director of Data Security Engineering, explores the new features and updates in IBM Guardium v11.1. 

    • Mapping applications
    • Active threat analytics                         
    • Risk spotter
    • ServiceNow integration
    • Auto create inspection engine
    • IPv6 support
    • Cloud database updates  
    • Vulnerability Assessment enhancements  
    • S-TAP updates 
    • Mainframe updates
    • Sankey diagram for advanced investigations

    Why Guardium?

    Data security breaches are more frequent and more expensive than in the past. Even more pressing, insider data breaches are present in many data breaches and they make up a great percentage of the total data breach expense for organizations.  Why are insider threat-related breaches costly? Insiders, or those who pose as insiders, have more access to sensitive and regulated data and therefore can do more damage. 

    These realities mean that single niche vendors, with their siloed and narrow scope, are less capable of addressing complex modern data security, privacy, and compliance requirements. To help you traverse this new and potentially confusing landscape, make sure you can achieve the following good practices: 

    • Spot, stop, and defend your organization from data breaches
    • Reduce the burden of remediating a data breach
    • Modernize your data security solutions 
    • Quickly gather audit data
    • Integrate and collaborate with a security ecosystem
    Guardium is uniquely positioned to provide a modern data security solution that is centered around your security requirements