Guardium General

This category includes general Guardium courses.

Guardium General Courses:

Tour Guardium on the Security Learning Academy

Join the IBM Security Learning Services team for an in-depth tour of the Security Learning Academy, with a focus on IBM Security Guardium course offerings. In this video, you will see how to navigate the platform, search the course catalog, enroll in a course, view your enrollments on your dashboard, create progress reports, and see how Security Learning Academy is integrated with IBM VIP Rewards for Security.

IBM Guardium 10.6 Multi-threading capability

IBM Guardium version 10.6 introduces multi-threading capabilities to vulnerability assessment. With multi-threading, you can run vulnerability assessments in parallel, reducing completion time while more efficiently using CPU resources. 

In this video series, you will see how to configure vulnerability assessment multi-threading.

Overview of the IBM Guardium User Interface

This course introduces  you to the Guardium interface and command line interface. You learn how to access common Guardium features and applications. You can use the Guardium command line interface (CLI) to automate and script functions that are frequently used. You learn how to search the CLI for commands and list applicable options.

In the lab, you explore the Guardium GUI and learn how to classify data in your database environment. You create a new classification policy that searches for credit card numbers and populates the Sensitive Objects group with the table name and column name for each detected incident. 

The lab environment reflects Guardium 10.5.

Franklin Almonte

Getting started with Guardium alerts

It is easy to use the predefined alerts in Guardium. In this course, you to learn about the different Guardium alert types and how to use them to monitor your Guardium ecosystem.

Guardium TechBook

The Guardium TechBook consists of several video presentations on key topics that provide a current technical foundation for IBM Security Guardium Data Protection. These are the topics covered:

  • Architecture, Deployment and Automation
  • Data Collection methods
  • GIM and S-TAP installation
  • Data Protection
  • Reporting and auditing
  • Policy management
  • Analytics
  • Administration performance
  • Guardium Vision
  • Guardium Insights introduction

Guardium and Resilient integration: Email Connector

In this video, you will see how to set up IBM Guardium email alerts in an IBM Resilient incident response workflow using the Resilient Email Connector.

Deployment Health Enhancements in Guardium 11.2

In this video, Leila Johannesen discusses the enhancements in Guardium 11.2 that allow you to more easily understand the health of your system.