IBM BigFix Platform Videos

IBM BigFix Platform Videos Courses:

Issuing a Send Refresh Command to a BigFix Client

This short video demonstrates two methods you can use to issue a Send Refresh command to an IBM BigFix client.

Gathering an External Content Site in IBM BigFix

This demonstrates how to enable, gather, and subscribe to an external content site in IBM BigFix.

Setting the Proxy Configuration on a BigFix Windows Server

This video demonstrates how to configure an IBM BigFix Windows Server to communicate through a proxy.

Clearing the BigFix Console Cache

This video demonstrates how to clear the BigFix console cache using 3 methods.

Installing the IBM BigFix App for QRadar

When using the IBM QRadar® Security Intelligence Analytics platform to investigate offenses, a security analyst might not have access to the endpoint data collected by BigFix. You can use the IBM BigFix App for QRadar to get insight into BigFix data. This app provides security analysts access to endpoint security status and enables them to operate more effectively. In this video, you learn how to install the IBM BigFix App for QRadar.

Inspecting endpoint data using the BigFix App for QRadar

In this video, Jose Bravo shows how to use the BigFix App for QRadar to review the processes, files, software, and policies installed on your endpoints. He also reviews compliance data and what BigFix can enforce on an endpoint to secure your network / prevent compromise.