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Identity, Access and Governance Courses (9):


IBM Directory Server provides several logging utilities that you can view either through the Web Administration Tool or the system command line.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • Default log paths
  • Log management tool
  • Default log management
  • Global log settings modification
  • Administration server log settings modification
  • Enabling the administration server audit log and modifying administration audit log settings
  • Server audit log settings
  • Bulkload log settings modification
  • Modification of configuration tool log settings
  • Modification of DB2 log settings
  • Modification of lost and found log settings
  • Server log modification


Setting up Active Directory is one of the first steps that should be taken in the enterprise environment after IBM Security Secret Server (ISSS) installation.

The presentation explains Active Directory integration, why it is needed, requirements, and how to set it up.

This video provides three sections:

  • Details on Active Directory integration
  • Demonstration
  • Q and A

Time: 17 minutes


Helm Charts can be used to help deploy and manage complex Kubernetes environments. A new Helm chart has just been published to GitHub and the IBM Cloud Private catalog, which allows you to easily deploy IBM Access Manager (IAM) into a Kubernetes environment. This video provides information and a demo on how you can get access to and use the IAM Helm chart.


Within Access Manager appliances, there is an authentication service with a number of authentication mechanisms.  In this video, you will learn about the authentication service, provided authentication mechanisms, and custom authentication.


This lab provides a step-by-step guide to integrate an on-premises IBM Security Access Manager system to your IBM Cloud Identity tenant. You basically use Access Manager as an Identity Provider to authenticate against a corporate LDAP directory and then assert the identity information to IBM Cloud Identity and the SaaS applications supported in the Cloud Identity platform.


In this lab, you use the SSH Launcher that is configured on the Secret Server to launch a privileged session on the Linux System.


This video provides an overview of the IBM Security Secret Server's Privilege Manager component. The following topics are covered in this video:

Privilege Manager Overview

  • local account/group management
  • application control
  • application policies
  • white/black/grey listing
  • application reputation checking
  • event discovery

  • accounts/groups
  • application events discovery
  • policies
  • Privilege Manager Server
  • Privilege Manager Agent


This video provides an overview of the IBM Security Secret Server. The following topics are covered in this video:
  • Secret Server Overview which includes information on Secrets, Launchers, Session Monitoring, SSH Command Menus, and Discovery
  • Installation
  • Configuration which includes information on Active Directory Authentication, Discovery, Secret Templates, Launchers, Remote Password Changers and Distributed Engine
  • Troubleshooting for topics such as Secret Server, Launchers, Remote Password Changers and Distributed Engines

Time: 27 minutes


In this lab you look at discovery in Secret Server. Discovery is the mechanism Secret Server uses to identify accounts and other secret-related objects on target systems (Active Directory, Unix systems and VMWare ESX servers). This lab explores the existing discovery configuration and create some accounts on targets and manually run the discovery.