Roadmap: Directory Server Administrator

The total time required to complete this roadmap is 5h 31m.

This roadmap will help you learn the skills to be an Directory Server administrator. You learn how to install and configure Directory Server Suite, and how to use local management interface (LMI) and command line interface (CLI) to administer the appliance, how to manage directory entries and configure the replication. You also learn how to configure Federated Directory Server (FDS) and how to configure Pass-through authentication (PTA).

Directory Suite/Server Foundations

These courses provide an overview of the Directory Server/Suite product, product installation and basic configuration steps.


These courses teach Directory Suite/Server administration tasks.

Federated Directory Server

These courses how to configure and use Federated Directory Server.

Commercial Courses

Commercial courses cover a broad range of tasks that are described in the course summary of each course.