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Secret Server Courses (28):

Secret Server SSH Key Dependencies


Learn how to add and use SSH Key Dependencies in Secret Server


6:33 minutes

Introducing IBM Security Secret Server

This video provides an overview of the IBM Security Secret Server. The following topics are covered in this video:
  • Secret Server Overview which includes information on Secrets, Launchers, Session Monitoring, SSH Command Menus, and Discovery
  • Installation
  • Configuration which includes information on Active Directory Authentication, Discovery, Secret Templates, Launchers, Remote Password Changers and Distributed Engine
  • Troubleshooting for topics such as Secret Server, Launchers, Remote Password Changers and Distributed Engines

Time: 27 minutes

Secret Server Alerting and SIEM


  • Understand Secret Server's alerting options and SIEM integration
  • Know how Secret Server can alert you about different kinds of actions taking place in the tool
  • Know how to integrate your SIEM or log management tool within Secret Server to have better visibility of activity within the tool


15 minutes

Secret Server Auditing, Reporting and Troubleshooting


This course for auditing and reporting and auditing/reporting troubleshooting will show you how to:

  • Understand the Secret Server auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Access a user and secret audit
  • Access the reporting function and know which reports are the most useful to you
  • Set up a schedule to provide reports to appropriate users
  • Understand how to access an updated report
  • Know how to customize the reporting screen
  • Know how to access the Security Hardening and User Audit reports
  • Understand how to access logs and what logs are available
  • Know common techniques used to troubleshoot Secret Server's audit and reporting capabilities

45 minutes

Secret Server Service Account Management and Dependencies

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to use Secret Server's capabilities to automate management of service accounts
  • Learn how to manage service accounts in your environment
  • Know what dependencies are stored in the secret
  • Learn how to add dependencies to secrets
  • Know things to consider when managing secret dependencies


45 minutes

Secret Server Discovery and Troubleshooting

Learn about standard and extensible discovery capabilities, including common techniques for troubleshooting secret server discovery.

Secret Server Session Recording and Troubleshooting

Learn about Secret Server session recording and monitoring capabilities, and common techniques used to troubleshoot recording.

IBM Security Secret Server: Security Hardening

In this course, you learn the best practices for securing your IBM Security Secret Server instance.  Practices include: assigning roles, two-factor authentication, and securing encryption keys.

IBM Security Secret Server user interface (UI) overview

This lab gives an overview of the Secret Server user interface (UI).
No functionality is shown, lab just explores the important parts of the Secret Server user interface.

Secret Server System Requirements

This video details the system requirements for Secret Server installations. Recommended system requirements are discussed for:

  • Basic deployments
  • Advanced deployments

You will also be provided with additional information on system requirements for servers used for Secret Server.

Time: 3 minutes

IBM Security Secret Server: Secret Troubleshooting

Secrets are individually named sets of sensitive information created from Secret templates. 

In this series of videos, you will learn about troubleshooting key areas, such as templates, plugins, inactive Secrets, searching Secrets, and unlimited administration mode.

Secret Server Roles and Role Permissions

This video walks you through Secret Server's roles and permissions. Each Secret Server user must be assigned a role. Secret Server's method for regulating permission to system access is role-based security.

Time: 5 minutes

Secret Server Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Learn about Secret Server disaster recovery and high availability.

Secret Server API and Scripting

Learn about Secret Server available API's

Secret Server - Setting up Active Directory - Open Mic

Setting up Active Directory is one of the first steps that should be taken in the enterprise environment after IBM Security Secret Server (ISSS) installation.

The presentation explains Active Directory integration, why it is needed, requirements, and how to set it up.

This video provides three sections:

  • Details on Active Directory integration
  • Demonstration
  • Q and A

Time: 17 minutes

IBM Security Secret Server: Secrets and Secret Templates

Secrets are individually named sets of sensitive information created from Secret templates.  In this course, you will learn how to create and customize Secrets in IBM Security Secret Server.

IBM Security Secret Server Dashboard and Folders

In this course, you learn how to use and customize Secret Server's Dashboard, and also learn how to create and use Secret Server folders.

IBM Security Secret Server: Basic Configurations Troubleshooting

In this course, you learn about common methods used to troubleshoot basic configurations, such as troubleshooting Active Directory sync, integrated Windows authentication,  and user access and permissions.  You will also walk through using logs and diagnostics.

Secret Server Distributed Engine and Troubleshooting

Learn about Secret Server
distributed engine and common techniques used to troubleshoot distributed engine.
Distributed engine is a way to provide limitless scaling for enterprise environments.

Secret Server Remote Password Changing


  • Understand the purpose of the password changing feature
  • Know how to enable and configure password changes
  • Understand specific password changing steps necessary for certain platforms, such as web platforms
Time: 22 minutes

Secret Server Upgrades


  • Provide an overview of the Secret Server upgrade process
  • Understand the necessary prerequisites for performing an upgrade
  • Know what steps are involved when performing an upgrade
  • Know hot to troubleshoot issues when performing an upgrade

Time to Complete: 20 minutes

IBM Security Secret Server: Basic Configurations

Learn how to configure IBM Security Secret Server groups, roles, permissions, user management, user preferences, and Admin settings.

Secret Server Installation On-Premise


  • Know the Secret Server installation prerequisites
  • Learn where to download .NET framework 4.5.1 for installation
  • Understand how to install Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Understand how to install SQL Server Express and know the recommended SQL versions
  • Know the required steps for the Secret Server MSI installer
  • Learn how to install a Secret Server license

LIV1100X Secret Server Best Practices and Workflow


  • Learn how to determine who needs access, what permissions to apply and how to organize sensitive data using best practices in Secret Server
  • Learn about the Secret Server's workflow features and what they do
  • Understand the workflow capabilities, options and why features are used together
  • Know how to create a one time password using the check out feature which forces accountability on secrets by granting exclusive access to a single user
  • Set up the doublelock feature to secure your sensitive data
  • Use the request for access feature to require that a user is granted approval to access a password or Secret for a specified amount of time
  • Learn how to integrate your ticketing system with Secret Servder

Using Launchers

In this lab, you use the SSH Launcher that is configured on the Secret Server to launch a privileged session on the Linux System.

Secret Server Launchers and Troubleshooting

Learn about Secret Server launcher capabilities and common techniques used to troubleshoot launchers.
Launchers provide direct access and authentication into remote machines.

Using Discovery

In this lab you look at discovery in Secret Server. Discovery is the mechanism Secret Server uses to identify accounts and other secret-related objects on target systems (Active Directory, Unix systems and VMWare ESX servers). This lab explores the existing discovery configuration and create some accounts on targets and manually run the discovery.

Privilege Manager: Configuring with Secret Server


  • Learn how to integrate Privilege Manager with Secret Server
  • Use Secret Server as Privilege Manager's storage container for credentials
  • Understand how the REST API is used for communication with Privilege Manager from Secret Server


6 minutes