Verify Privilege Manager (Privilege Manager)


IBM Identity and Access management platform of products is unifying under a single brand: IBM Security Verify.

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IBM Security Verify Privilege Manager On-Premises (Privilege Manager) provides endpoint privilege management and application control.

Verify Privilege Manager (Privilege Manager) Courses:

Introducing IBM Security Privilege Manager

This video provides an overview of the IBM Security Secret Server's Privilege Manager component. The following topics are covered in this video:

Privilege Manager Overview

  • local account/group management
  • application control
  • application policies
  • white/black/grey listing
  • application reputation checking
  • event discovery

  • accounts/groups
  • application events discovery
  • policies
  • Privilege Manager Server
  • Privilege Manager Agent

Privilege Manager - Actions and Filters


  • Know how to provide criteria that needs to be met for a policy
  • Understand what happens to applications that the policy applies to


8 minutes

Privilege Manager - Policies


  • Learn what is a Privilege Manager policy
  • Know what the policy types are for Privilege Manager
  • Understand how to configure a Privilege Manager policy
  • Learn how to create a Privilege Manager policy
  • Understand why Privilege Manager policy priority matters


45 minutes

Privilege Manager - Sending Policies to Endpoints


  • Understand how to send policies to endpoints using Privilege Manager


4 minutes

Privilege Manager Active Directory Configuration

In this video, you learn how to configure Active Directory in Privilege Manager.

Privilege Manager File Upload and Event Discovery

In this video, you learn about Privilege Manager file upload and event discovery.

Privilege Manager Installation


After completing these videos, you will be able to:
  • Know the system requirements for a Privilege Manager installation
  • Perform an installation of Privilege Manager
  • Know how to install agents through the bundle installer
Time: 12 minutes

Privilege Manager Introduction

This course provides an overview of Privilege Manager and describes key terms used in the environment.

Privilege Manager Reports

In this video, you learn about Privilege Manager reports.

Privilege Manager Upgrade

In this course, you learn how to upgrade Privilege Manager using suggested best practices.

Privilege Manager: Application Control Mobile App


  • Know the requirements for the Application Control Mobile App
  • Understand how to configure the Application Control Mobile App
  • Know what actions you can perform in the Application Control Mobile App, including set the company ID, login, create a pin code, handle approval requests, disclose passwords, and manage alerts


3 minutes

Privilege Manager: Blacklisting

Blacklisting is a powerful policy, which denies applications from running based on your application's attributes, file hash, location, or certificates.  In this course, you will see two examples of blacklisting.

Privilege Manager: Configuring with Secret Server


  • Learn how to integrate Privilege Manager with Secret Server
  • Use Secret Server as Privilege Manager's storage container for credentials
  • Understand how the REST API is used for communication with Privilege Manager from Secret Server


6 minutes

Privilege Manager: Elevating Privileges

In this course, you will learn how to assign elevation policies in order to grant users increased privileges for certain applications without giving them full rights.

Privilege Manager: Greylisting

In this course, you will learn how to create a "catch-all" policy.  This type of policy gathers information about other executables in your environment that are not satisfied by other policies.

Privilege Manager: Local Security

Learn about local security with in Privilege Manager. You will learn about local users, local groups and computer groups.

Privilege Manager: Personas

Learn about personas in Privilege Manager. Personas are collections of privileges for specific roles in the organization.

Privilege Manager: Reverse Proxy

Learn about Privilege Manager reverse proxy. Reverse proxy acts as a buffer between Privilege Manager agents and the Privilege Manager server.

Privilege Manager: ServiceNow

Learn about integration between ServiceNow and Privilege Manager. ServiceNow provides service management software as a service.

Privilege Manager: Troubleshooting Basics

Learn about basic troubleshooting techniques in Privilege Manager.

Privilege Manager: VirusTotal

Learn how to integrate VirusTotal and Privilege Manager. VirusTotal aggregates many antivirus products and online scan engines to check for viruses that the user's own antivirus may have missed.

Privilege Manager: Whitelisting

Whitelisting allows applications to run in your environment.  In this course, you will see two examples of whitelisting.

Secret Server Privilege Manager Policies

This webinar provides a high-level overview of Privilege Manager policies. The topics covered include:

  • What are Privilege Manager Policies? What defines a Policy?
  • The Privilege Manager Policies Setup Process
  • Policies Types - Privilege Manager Application Dashboard
  • Policy Configuration 
       – How to Create a New Blacklist Policy
       – Enabling the Policy on the target machine
       – How to Create a Filter
       – Applying the Filter to a Policy
  • Elevating Privileges
        – How to create a Policy that requires User Justification to run an Application
        – Viewing the Application Justification Report
  • Policies Best Practices
Duration: 25 minutes

Installing Secret Server and Privilege Manager

This video details how to plan for and complete the installations for Secret Server and Privilege Manager.

Duration: 26 minutes