Verify Governance (Identity Governance)

IBM Security Verify Governance (Identity Governance and Intelligence) is a network appliance-based integrated identity governance solution.
This solution employs business-centric rules, activities, and processes.

Verify Governance (Identity Governance) Courses:

Identity Governance and Intelligence integration with IBM Secret Server

Open Mic presented in May of 2020 by the technical support team agents Nishant Singhai, Ranvijay Singh, and Kanad Jadhav


  • Overviews of IBM Security Secret Server and IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence
  • Requirements for integrating Secret Server with Identity Governance and Intelligence
  • Demonstrations of use case.
  • Tips for troubleshooting
  • Answers to questions from audience

Explore use cases for Identity Governance and Intelligence OIDC Provider configuration

OpenID Connect (OIDC) Provider grants the administrator the flexibility to configure and use an external user registry to authenticate and authorize users to access each UI: Service Center, Administrator Console and Virtual Appliance (LMI).

This course will enable you to configure OIDC Provider with an external user registry, understanding its limitations and how to utilize this functionality to better control access to your system.

Topics covered

  • Default behavior
  1.  Internal User Registry
  2.  External User Registry
  • Additional Information
  1.  Authorization to Service Center
  2.  Authorization to Administration Console
  3.  Authorization to LMI Console
  • Limitations
  1.  Group Filter
  2.  SSL vs Non-SSL (Group Filter validation)
  3.  Security Directory Server
  • Troubleshooting

Open Mic presented on 29 October 2020 by Victor Orlandi and Gabriel Rebane

Duration: 42 minutes

ISAM Adapter for ISIM and IGI

In this Open Mic from 26 June 2019, you learn how to use and troubleshoot the IBM Security Access Manager Adapter (also known as the ISAM Combo Adapter) with the latest level of IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) and IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI).

IBM Security Information Queue installation and configuration

This is a recording of the 10 June 2020 Open Mic about IBM Security Information Queue (ISIQ) installation and configuration. It also tells about the integration of IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) and IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) using ISIQ.