Identity Manager

IBM Security Identity Manager is an automated and policy-based user access manager, driving effective identity management and governance across the enterprise.
By using roles, accounts, and access permissions, it helps automate the creation, modification, and termination of user privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle. IBM Security Identity Manager can help increase user efficiency, reduce IT administration costs, enforce security, and manage compliance.

Identity Manager Courses:

Delegating Approvals Using Workflows in ISIM 6 and 7

Learn how to write a customizable workflow that lets approvers delegate approvals and ask for justifications.

Extending and Customizing ISIM 7.0

This document describes best practices for implementing the most commonly used customization and extensions for ISIM version 7.0 and also describes limits in these areas.

High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) for ISIM Best Practices

This article discusses how to configure ISIM 6.0 in either a High Availability (HA) environment, a Disaster Recover (DR) environment or both.

IBM Security Identity Manager Performance Tuning Guides and Scripts

IBM Security Identity Manager Performance Tuning Guides provide information on tuning, troubleshooting, best practices and regular maintenance of middleware for IBM Security Identity Manager. These guides include tuning settings for:

  • WebSphere Application Server
  • Database servers (IBM DB2, Oracle)
  • Directory servers (IBM Security Directory Server)
  • IBM Security Directory Integrator
  • IBM Security Identity Manager application
  • IBM Security Identity Manager adapters

Security Identity Manager - Best Practices

This section includes Security Identity Manager best practices and troubleshooting topics.

Understanding ISIM Virtual Appliance

This document compares IBM Identity Manager 7.0 Virtual appliance-based deployment scenarios with IBM Identity Manager 6.0 software stack deployment scenarios.