Identity Manager

IBM Security Identity Manager is an automated and policy-based user access manager, driving effective identity management and governance across the enterprise.
By using roles, accounts, and access permissions, it helps automate the creation, modification, and termination of user privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle. IBM Security Identity Manager can help increase user efficiency, reduce IT administration costs, enforce security, and manage compliance.

Identity Manager Courses:

IBM Security Identity Manager 7 fix pack installation

In this session, IBM Support experts discuss tips and tricks for installing an IBM Security Identity Manager 7 fix pack. This includes preparation for the installation and troubleshooting if the installation fails.

ISAM Adapter for ISIM and IGI

In this Open Mic from 26 June 2019, you learn how to use and troubleshoot the IBM Security Access Manager Adapter (also known as the ISAM Combo Adapter) with the latest level of IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) and IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI).

IBM Security Information Queue installation and configuration

This is a recording of the 10 June 2020 Open Mic about IBM Security Information Queue (ISIQ) installation and configuration. It also tells about the integration of IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) and IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) using ISIQ.

Tech Day Replay: Use Verify SaaS with Identity Manager

Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) allows organizations to more quickly adapt to evolving business requirements with a smaller footprint and faster time-to-value. If you’re still operating on a pure on-premises environment, it might be time to add on SaaS.
From this session, you will learn how to add features from IBM Security Verify SaaS, our IDaaS solution, to IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM).

Video replays and related resources are available for the following topics:

  • Portfolio overviews of IBM IGA portfolio and Governance capabilities from Verify
  • Deep dive scenarios
  1. Provisioning from Verify SaaS
  2. Access Certification
  3. Hybrid IGA
  4. On-prem provisioning
  5. Risk insights and Identity Analytics
  • Security Learning Academy opportunities
  • Engaging Security Expert Labs