XGS Advanced

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XGS: Senior Administrator

This roadmap helps you leverage additional features in your XGS appliance, which increases the scope of protection you can manage as an IBM Network Protection Administrator. You learn how to apply protection policies to encrypted traffic, use SNORT signatures as an extra inspection engine to PAM, create policies based on user identity, prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information, and navigate the command line interface for more granular control of the appliance and initial troubleshooting. It is important that an XGS Administrator have a working knowledge of SiteProtector.


These courses deal with advanced administeration topics such as high availability, ...

Security Policy Management

These courses teach how to tune Security Policies, understand how PAM works, and define the classes of X-Force signatures and attack vectors.


These courses teach you how to perform basic troubleshooting tasks in your XGS environment.


These courses teach you how to integrate XGS with other IBM and non-IBM products. Look for the various implementation use cases and understand how you can implement them in your environment.