IBM MaaS360 Integrations

IBM MaaS360 Integrations Courses:

Enterprise Gateway secure communications

This course walks through the secure communication processes between the mobile device user and the upstream resources when using the IBM Security Mobile Enterprise Gateway.

MaaS360 Cloud Extender overview and architecture

The IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson Cloud Extender enhances device management capabilities by integrating with behind-the-firewall systems within your corporate environment, such as email, corporate directories, certificate authorities, and application and content servers. Cloud Extender requires minimum resources, easily traverses proxy environments, and provides secure messaging and data transfer between the MaaS360 platform and behind-the-firewall systems. 

In this course, you learn about Cloud Extender and how you can deploy Cloud Extender to meet your device management requirements. You also learn how to install Cloud Extender, configure and enable it, and set up Cloud Extender health check alerts.


  • Describe how Cloud Extender modules apply to common use cases
  • Locate Cloud Extender installation and configuration requirements 
  • Describe how to deploy Cloud Extender modules to integrate your mobile devices seamlessly with corporate resources
  • Install Cloud Extender
  • Enable and configure Cloud Extender
  • Enable and configure Cloud Extender health check alerts

MaaS360 Cloud Extender: Integrating Enterprise Gateway

The IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Gateway is a MaaS360 Cloud Extender module that enables access to behind-the-firewall corporate resources from a mobile device without using a device VPN. In this course, you learn how to use and deploy Enterprise Gateway. You also learn how to configure granular policy control over the resources device users can access.


  • Describe the different modes you can deploy Enterprise Gateway in a corporate network
  • Setup and install Cloud Extender
  • Enable and configure Enterprise Gateway in the MaaS360 portal
  • Configure policies and content sources that control how devices access corporate resources