IBM MaaS360 Integrations

IBM MaaS360 Integrations Courses:

Getting Started with MaaS360 and Verify (Cloud Identity)

In this Open Mic session, you learn how to streamline app login for end users when you integrate MaaS360 and Verify (Cloud Identity). IBM experts Matthew Shaver and Adam Case review MaaS360 and Cloud Identity architecture, desktop and mobile workflows, and browser deployment patterns. They also demonstrate how to enable Cloud Identity in the MaaS360 Portal, configure Cloud Identity, and configure GSuite on mobile.

MaaS360 and TeamViewer for Remote Access

In this Open Mic session, you learn all about leveraging MaaS360 and TeamViewer to make remote support even better with Attended and Unattended Access. In this session you also learn about the TeamViewer global footprint, credentials, and security, integrating MaaS360 and TeamViewer, iOS remote screen sharing, and TeamViewer mobile device add-ons. 

This session was held on August 28, 2018.

Troubleshooting the MaaS360 Cloud Extender Open Mic

Learn about Cloud Extender setup tips, common errors in Cloud Extender configuration, best practices for ongoing maintenance and health alerts, and more. Use the bookmarks to access the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Overview and agenda
  • What is the Cloud Extender and how does it work?
  • Installation prerequisites
  • Installing and configuring the Cloud Extender
  • Common errors and troubleshooting tips
  • Q&A

Verify Me with MaaS360: MaaS360 and IBM Security Verify

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, you learn how to configure SSO by integrating MaaS360 and IBM Security Verify.