IBM MaaS360 Integrations

IBM MaaS360 Integrations Courses:

Configure MaaS360 Certificate Integration with a Microsoft CA and Enterprise Gateway identity certificates

In this two part lab, you learn how to configure MaaS360 Cloud Extender’s Certificate Integration module to integrate with a Microsoft CA to provision identity certificates for mobile devices. After you set up the Certificate Integration module, you configure the Enterprise Gateway module to use identity certificates for authentication.

Configuring Verify (Cloud Identity) and ADFS for zero-touch authentication in MaaS360

In this lab, you explore integrating IBM MaaS360, IBM security Verify (Cloud Identity), and Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). In this scenario, Cloud Identity acts as an alternate IaaS (Identity as a Service) provider to ADFS so when ADFS detects a mobile device user, it redirects the authentication request to Cloud Identity. Cloud Identity works with MaaS360 to manage device compliance and enrollment requirements. This lab walks you through integrating all 3 tools in a cohesive, zero-touch, architecture that does not impact your business operations.

Implementing Seamless SSO with MaaS360 and Verify (Cloud Identity)

In this lab, you will learn how to deploy a test environment that integrates IBM MaaS360 and IBM Security Verify (Cloud Identity) Essentials with a third-party SaaS (cloud) application.

Integrating corporate resources using the MaaS360 Enterprise Gateway module

The Mobile Enterprise Gateway is a Cloud Extender module that provides mobile device users the ability to access Intranet resources without using a device VPN. On the device, the MaaS360 Browser, MaaS360 App, and MaaS360 SDK integrated and wrapped apps use the Enterprise Gateway to securely access corporate resources that are behind the firewall.

In this lab, you configure MaaS360 Cloud Extender modules, a WorkPlace Persona policy, and a content source to provide secure access to an intranet site and Windows File Share from iOS and Android devices.

You also learn testing and troubleshooting techniques for using the MaaS360 portal, Cloud Extender Configuration Tool, and mobile devices.

MaaS360 Cloud Extender: Certificate integration

In this training, you learn about the Cloud Extender Certificate Integration module that you can use to integrate cloud- and on-premises-based certificate authorities with IBM MaaS360 for advanced authentication schemes.

MaaS360 Cloud Extender: Enterprise Gateway Integration

In this training module, you learn how to integrate MaaS360 with corporate resources using the Cloud Extender’s Enterprise Gateway module.

Configuring MaaS360 with Active Directory to authenticate and authorize users

The MaaS360 Cloud Extender is a lightweight software module that you install in your environment. You use the Cloud Extender to integrate MaaS360 with your behind the firewall corporate resources. 
In this lab, you set up the MaaS360 Cloud Extender to integrate with Active Directory (AD) as an LDAP. You configure the User Authentication module to support self-service enrollment so that device users can enroll in MaaS360 with their corporate credentials. You configure the User Visibility module to import users of specific groups into Maas360 from AD. You can use these users and groups to assign policies and distribute corporate content. Taking advantage of an existing directory service eliminates the need for administrators to create local users and groups in Maas360. You also learn Cloud Extender testing and troubleshooting techniques.