IBM MaaS360 Foundations

IBM MaaS360 Foundations Courses:

Deep dive into Android Enterprise policy

This course provides a deep dive into MaaS360 Android Enterprise policy. In this video, you are provided with a detailed explanation of expected behavior of popular Android policy features, learn best practices when applying restrictions, and, understand how to implement advanced features for strict controls. 

Duration: 60 minutes

MaaS360 Administration lab

In this lab, you practice creating a MaaS360 portal and the fundamental administrative tasks necessary to configure the portal.  These tasks include setting up MaaS360 services, settings, portal security, departments, locations, privacy settings, and custom attributes.  You will create and test users, user groups, policies, and compliance rules. You also deploy MaaS360 on mobile devices and then verify that the appropriate policy is deployed to the device  and that the device is in compliance.

CMT Co-existence: Configuring SCCM and MaaS360 co-existence for Windows 10 endpoints

You can use MaaS360 CMT Co-existence to manage Windows 10 endpoints in both Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and IBM MaaS360.

MaaS360 gives you the flexibility and added value of a modern management platform to manage Windows 10 endpoints over-the-air, whether they are on a corporate intranet or the internet. The endpoints don’t need to be AD-joined or on premises.

In this course, you learn how to bulk enroll Windows 10 endpoints in MaaS360 and migrate GPO policies to MDM policies in MaaS360.

MaaS360 Administration: Policy configuration

MaaS360 includes several security policies for mobile devices. These policies make sure that mobile devices comply with your corporate security policies and provide secure access to corporate data. This course focuses on configuring the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and WorkPlace Persona policies. MDM policies are specific to the mobile device operating system. The persona policy focuses on the native MaaS360 apps.


  • Explain the purpose of a security policy
  • Describe the difference between Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Workplace Persona polices in MaaS360
  • Configure MaaS360 policies
  • Assign a MaS360 policy to a device

MaaS360: Configuring and using the End User Portal

In this video, you learn how to enable and configure the MaaS360 End User Portal. You also learn how users can self-manage their devices with the End User Portal.

Author: Dwight Harper

Dwight Harper