IBM MaaS360 Foundations

IBM MaaS360 Foundations Courses:

MaaS360 Architect Badge

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MaaS360 Architect

The MaaS360 professional who successfully completes the requirements for the MaaS360 Architect badge is prepared to implement the MaaS360 mobile device management system for an organization. These skills include but are not limited to explaining how MaaS360 supports devices, applications, and content, describing how to integrate mobile devices with both enterprise and cloud resources, and explaining strategies and planning activities that support a smooth deployment of MaaS360.

CMT Co-existence: Configuring SCCM and MaaS360 co-existence for Windows 10 endpoints

You can use MaaS360 CMT Co-existence to manage Windows 10 endpoints in both Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and IBM MaaS360.

MaaS360 gives you the flexibility and added value of a modern management platform to manage Windows 10 endpoints over-the-air, whether they are on a corporate intranet or the internet. The endpoints don’t need to be AD-joined or on premises.

In this course, you learn how to bulk enroll Windows 10 endpoints in MaaS360 and migrate GPO policies to MDM policies in MaaS360.

MaaS360: Device Inventory maintenance

It’s a good practice to periodically review the MaaS360 portal device inventory to ensure that your device records represent active devices. In this video, you learn how to clean up and maintain your MaaS360 device inventory in the MaaS360 portal.

Author: Dwight Harper

Dwight Harper

MaaS360 Administration: Account setup

IBM MaaS360 is a comprehensive mobile management and security solution for devices, applications, and content.  In this module, you learn how to use the MaaS360 portal to configure a MaaS360 instance that meets your business requirements. You use the portal workflows to configure your MaaS360 account and begin managing your mobile enterprise. 


  • Navigate the MaaS360 portal Home page
  • Describe and configure MaaS360 services
  • Identify and enable device enrollment and other deployment settings     
  • Describe the mobile device enrollment programs you can use in MaaS360
  • Configure administrator settings
  • Create new portal administrators
  • Use departmentalization to manage devices and content
  • Add users and user groups in the MaaS360 portal
  • Identify when to use custom attributes
  • Configure privacy settings and locations

Dawn LaPides, Amit Hansalia