IBM MaaS360 Foundations

IBM MaaS360 Foundations Courses:

MaaS360: Configuring Android Enterprise Profile Owner Mode for BYOD

Android Enterprise, a Google-led initiative, enables the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace. IBM Security MaaS360 integrates with Android Enterprise to provide a unified endpoint management experience. Currently, MaaS360 supports three management varieties provided with Android Enterprise; Profile Owner (PO), Device Owner (DO), and Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU).

PO assigns a work profile in which work apps and data are stored in a separate, self-contained space within a device. This scenario supports personally owned devices (BYOD).

In this lab, you configure MaaS360 with Android Enterprise. You learn how to enable Android Enterprise using a managed Google Play account and deploy a Work Profile (PO) to manage BYOD for personally enabled and personally owned devices. This process includes the following tasks: 

  • Configure Android Enterprise to manage personal devices
  • Initiate a trial with MaaS360
  • Adjust the deployment settings to ensure proper enrollment is met
  • Learn about application distribution and settings associated with these distributions
  • Create a Work Profile that separates business applications from apps in a personal profile
  • Configure the WorkPlace Persona policy for Secure Mail
  • Review device enrollment options and send an enrollment request
  • Remove the Work Profile from the device

CMT Co-existence: Configuring SCCM and MaaS360 co-existence for Windows 10 endpoints

You can use MaaS360 CMT Co-existence to manage Windows 10 endpoints in both Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and IBM MaaS360.

MaaS360 gives you the flexibility and added value of a modern management platform to manage Windows 10 endpoints over-the-air, whether they are on a corporate intranet or the internet. The endpoints don’t need to be AD-joined or on premises.

In this course, you learn how to bulk enroll Windows 10 endpoints in MaaS360 and migrate GPO policies to MDM policies in MaaS360.

MaaS360 Administrator Badge

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MaaS360 Administrator


The MaaS360 professional who successfully completes the requirements for the MaaS360 Administrator badge will prove proficiency in setting up a MaaS360 portal, managing the policies and compliance rules distributed to mobile devices, supporting the MaaS360 enterprise mobile enterprise, and solving mobile device user problems.

How can I earn this badge?

  • This badge is open to all [IBM clients, business partners and employees].
  • Successful completion all courses listed in the Required courses section below
  • Earn 80 percent or higher on the exam.