IBM MaaS360 Foundations

IBM MaaS360 Foundations Courses:

Device enrollment for MaaS360

This webinar provides a deep dive into device enrollment. The topics include:
  • enrollment process
  • manual enrollment
  • steps to enroll a device
  • enrollment types
  • enrollment programs: configured
  • enrollment programs: automated
  • streamlined (self) enrollment
  • enrollment settings
  • best practices
  • Q&A
Duration: 54 minutes

Deep dive into Android Enterprise policy

This course provides a deep dive into MaaS360 Android Enterprise policy. In this video, you are provided with a detailed explanation of expected behavior of popular Android policy features, learn best practices when applying restrictions, and, understand how to implement advanced features for strict controls. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Are you getting enough out of your MaaS360 environment?

This video provides a checkpoint for your MaaS360 deployment.

It will provide you with information on all the MaaS360 features that are available to you. These features can help you improve security, productivity, and ease of use.

Duration: 58 minutes

User and Admin Management in MaaS360

This webinar provides information on User and Admin Management in MaaS360. The topics covered include:

  • User creation/Modification/Deletion
  • Sync with directories
  • Integration with SSO/Cloud Identity
  • User authentication
  • Administrator management
  • Best practices
Duration: 47 minutes

Deep dive into MaaS360 App and Doc management

Matt Shaver, our IBM MaaS360 Knowledge and Content Manager, provides a deep dive into MaaS360 App and Doc Management. In this video, Matt gives a practical guide to deploying apps, shows how to manage enterprise and private apps, and provides tips and tricks for content distribution. This video covers the following topics: 

  • Agenda
  • Introduction
  • App catalog
  • Public applications in iOS
  • AppConfig (iOS and Android)
  • Enterprise App for iOS
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Android Google Play
  • Enterprise Apps for Android
  • App distribution
  • Docs and the Content Library
  • Q&A
Duration: 60 minutes

MaaS360 State of the Union: What’s New in 2019?

This video provides you with information on what is planned for the 2nd quarter 2019 for MaaS360. Learn about new MaaS360 features, as well as, details on preparing for the Android Q and iOS 13 releases.

The topics covered in this video include: 

  • Android Q (10)
  • Device Admin MDM
  • Android Enterprise Management Styles 
  • Android Enterprise Migration 
  •  iOS 13 
  • Enrollment Programs
  • iOS 13 Unauthorized Feature Deprecation 
  • User Enrollment (iOS 13) 
  • Device Enrollment : Deprecated Feature Set 
  • Automated Device Enrollment 
  • MaaS360 iOS Release 3.95
  • MaaS360 Android Release 6.70 
  • Q Readiness

Duration: 57 minutes

Managing and monitoring compliance with MaaS360

This video provides an overview of MaaS360 compliance. In this video, you will learn how to automate action on non-compliant devices, and, how to set up advanced groups to look for security gaps.

The following topics are covered in this course: 

  • Introduction 
  • My Advisor with Watson 
  • Compliance rule sets
  • Add a rule set 
  • Basic settings 
  • Enforcement rules 
  • Geo-fencing rules 
  • Monitoring rules 
  • Expense Monitoring rules 
  • Group Based Rules - look for security gaps 
  • Applying the compliance rule set 
  • Out of compliance monitoring

Duration: 57 minutes

Deep dive into configuring mail in MaaS360

MaaS360 expert Matt Shaver shows you how to configure mail in MaaS360. In this video, you will learn what to expect from native mail clients, what are MaaS360 Secure Mail features, and how some practical tips can help with mailbox migrations.  The topics covered in this video include:

  • Agenda
  • Introduction
  • iOS ActiveSync
  • iOS Policy – mail configuration
  • Settings for a specific mail client
  • Identity Certificate
  • Android ActiveSync
  • MaaS360 email client
  • Workplace Persona Policy: Configuration
  • Workplace Persona Policy: Security
  • Copying contacts
  • SMIME encryption
  • Report phishing settings
  • Add multiple accounts to your configuration
  • Q&A

 Duration: 54 minutes

MaaS360: The year in review 2019

This video takes a look back at the state of unified endpoint management (UEM), goes over MaaS360 feature updates for iOS, Android, and Windows, and, explains how to prepare for a successful MaaS360 deployment in 2020 and beyond.

Duration: 53 minutes

MaaS360: Deep Dive into Device Inventory

This webinar provides a deep dive into MaaS360 Device Inventory. This video will get an overview of device actions and information fields, learn how to craft and apply custom attributes, and learn how to manage and deploy device groups.

The video covers the following topics:

  • Devices view 
  • Device Inventory 
  • Customize Inventory columns 
  • Add devices to Inventory 

       - Device Inventory for iOS

       - Device records

       - Device Summary

       - Device Security and Compliance

       - Device Hardware and Operating System

       - Device Apps Installed

       - Apps Distributions

       - Device Location Information

       - Device Browser History

       - Groups device belongs to

       - Device Custom Attributes

       - History

  • Device Inventory for Android Enterprise 

        - Device Summary (Android)

        - Hardware and OS (Android)

        - Reset Passcode

  • Device Enrollments
  • Actions & Events
  • Exceptions report
  • Custom Attributes
  • Alerts 
  • Device Locations

Duration: 58 minutes

Deep Dive into MaaS360 iOS Policy

This course provides a deep dive into MaaS360 iOS policy. In this video, you are:

  • provided with a detailed explanation of expected behavior of popular iOS policy features
  • learn best practices when applying restrictions
  • understand how to implement advanced features for strict controls.
Duration: 65 minutes

Making easier migrations with MaaS360

Change can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be!

Find out how to make easier migrations using MaaS360 with the best practices, tips, and tricks shared in this interactive webinar. This topic provides an overview of key MaaS360 resources and MaaS360 migrations, as well as, details on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and mail migration. There is also a Q&A at teh end of this Open Mic session.

Matthew Shaver, Vlad Ilca

MaaS360 enrollment types

In this Open Mic session, Matthew Shaver shares MaaS360 enrollment tips, tricks, and best practices. You learn about the various enrollment types such as unique one-time passcodes, local user credentials, corporate Active Directory integration, and two-factor authentication. Enrolling devices using the web URL and Enroll On Behalf Of methods are also discussed. Use the table of contents to access the following topics in the presentation.

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite

Learn about MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite which provides essential mobile solutions for a safe and protected workspace on-the-go, especially on employee owned devices. Specific topics covered in this video include:

  • Setup the Workplace Persona Policy functionality
  • Configure Services - email and browser
  • Configure Passcode
  • Configure Device Security Policies
  • Configure MaaS360 Enterprise Gateway - data leakage controls
  • Configure Secure Email
  • Secure Mail Security Settings
  • Configure Browser Defaults
  • URL filtering
  • Enable Enterprise Gateway for Intranet access
  • Extend the Workplace Persona Policies to third-party Apps

Duration: 55 minutes

Ready, Set, Google! Getting Started with MaaS360 and GSuite

Find out how to harness the power of GSuite and other Google tools using MaaS360.

The topics covered in this video include an overview of Google, GSuite, and MaaS360, GSuite Integration and Gmail setup, Android Enterprise and Device Management, and ChromeOS Management.

Getting Started with MaaS360: Navigating the MaaS360 Portal, August 2018

In this Open Mic session, you learn how to navigate the MaaS360 Portal like a pro. Vlad Ilca discusses what changed in the new Portal UI and demonstrates the main Portal features such as Devices, Users, Security, Docs, and Reports.

MaaS360 Support Transformation

A new MaaS360 Support Portal is coming soon. In this Open Mic webinar, a panel of MaaS360 Support experts provides a preview of what's changing and discusses crucial steps to take now to ensure a smooth transition to the new Support Portal.

This video provides an overview of the support transformation, details on the MaaS360 Ongoing Product Education, and information on an IBMid. It also explains the new support portal, including navigating the portal, chatting with Watson without logging in, chatting with Watson while logged in, opening a support case, viewing all cases, customization settings and the Support Transformation forum.

MaaS360 User and Group Management

In this Open Mic presentation, you find out how to manage MaaS360 users and groups in Active Directory / LDAP environments, local user and group workflows, and private and public groups. This session also covers GDPR considerations for users and groups and deployment settings.

Matthew Shaver

Mastering the MaaS360 Basics

Sharpen your fundamental MaaS360 knowledge and skills in this MaaS360 Open Mic replay.

This video covers the following topics: Apple, Android and Windows Basics; MaaS360 Portal Walk-Through; Devices; Users; Security/Policies; Apps; Docs, Expenses, Schools; Reports; Setup; Getting Help and User Information; and Supervised vs. Unsupervised

MaaS360: Getting started with Android Enterprise

In this Open Mic, you'll learn how to get started with Android Enterprise. Matt Shaver, System Architect for MaaS360, begins with an overview of the benefits of Android Enterprise, then demonstrates how to set up Android Enterprise, how to set up profile and device owners, and how to enroll users. He also takes questions about Android Enterprise from the audience.

MaaS360: Application Management Tips and Tricks

Learn MaaS360 application management tips and tricks in this interactive session led by Matt Shaver, System Architect for MaaS360. Matt demonstrates how to manage public and enterprise apps from the portal and how to customize the app catalog as well as best practices for smooth distributions and advanced settings for iOS and Android. After his demonstration, Matt also answers questions about app management from the audience.

MaaS360: Getting started in the Help Desk Role

MaaS360 Help Desk agents perform many functions that help to prevent escalations and efficiently resolve problems. In this interactive session, Matt Shaver, System Architect for MaaS360, gives a detailed overview and demonstration of the Help Desk role, provides answers to commonly asked Help Desk questions, discusses when to escalate issues, and more. After his demonstration, Matt answers audience questions about the Help Desk role

Managing Kiosk devices with MaaS360

In this Open Mic session, you learn tips and tricks for managing kiosk devices with MaaS360 and see demonstrations of iOS App Lock, iOS whitelists and blacklists, MaaS360 Kiosk Launcher, Android Enterprise Toolset and COSU Kiosk mode, and more. Also, hear questions and answers about kiosk devices from the live audience.

Matthew Shaver

Managing and maintaining iOS devices with MaaS360

In this Open Mic session, Matthew Shaver shows you how to leverage new features in iOS 12 to better manage and maintain your iOS devices with MaaS360. If you are interested in changes to the Security policies, make sure to view Security policy changes. It covers many different policies.

Use the table of contents to access the following topics in the presentation.

Welcome & agenda
MaaS360 & iOS 12 overview
DEP enrollment (Apple Business Manager/Apple School Manager)
Non-DEP manual enrollment
MacOS enrollment
Security policy changes
Devices/Device Inventory changes

Matt Shaver

Vlad Ilca

MaaS360: Managing Company Devices in a Consumer Market

More and more organizations are providing smartphones and tablets to help employees get things done. While Secure Container can protect sensitive information, it has become increasingly necessary for organizations to treat the entire device as a secure asset, requiring strict MDM controls. MaaS360 incorporates advanced MDM features for both iOS and Android to get the most out of devices designed with the consumer as top priority. In this session, you learn advanced management techniques for iOS and Android and get a sneak peek of Cloud 10.60.

Getting Started with MaaS360 and Apple Devices

In this Getting Started session, you learn how to create and upload APNS certificates, how to enroll devices using Apple's DEP and VPP programs, how to configure security policies, and more. 

MaaS360: Let’s Talk About MaaS360 UEM and Apple Devices

Learn strategies for managing Apple devices using MaaS360 UEM in this webinar led by MaaS360's System Architect, Matt Shaver. Matt reviews the current state of device enrollment program (DEP) and volume purchase program (VPP), then gives a live demonstration of new iOS 11 management features and MacOS management practices.

MaaS360, Privacy, and GDPR

In this Open Mic session, you learn about MaaS360 privacy resources. You discover where to view and how to hide personally identifiable information (PII) in MaaS360, where to find helpful MaaS360 privacy documentation and resources, and the implications of GDPR for MaaS360 administrators and end users.

Forward Thinking to Future-Proof Device Management with MaaS360

In this Open Mic, presented live at Think 2018, MaaS360 System Architect Matt Shaver shares device management tips, tricks, and best practices to ready your organization for the future with MaaS360.

Getting Started with MaaS360 and Android Kiosk Mode

In this Getting Started session, you get an introduction to Android Kiosk Mode and learn about two different styles of kiosk management for Android using MaaS360: Device Admin and Android Enterprise Tool Set.

Meet the MaaS360 Experts

In this session, MaaS360's System Architect Matt Shaver answers client questions live at Think 2018. Questions on the following topics were asked. 

  • Android Enterprise Tool Set 
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment with Android Management 
  • Supervised Android devices 
  • Separating access by platform 
  • Android Enterprise adoption 
  • Windows 10 laptop management 

Getting Started with MaaS360: First Steps

In this Open Mic session, you are introduced to the main features of MaaS360. The lecture also covers configuring MaaS360 devices, users, device inventory, security policies, and apps.