MaaS360 Deployment

MaaS360 Deployment Courses:

MaaS360: Deployment Strategies

IBM MaaS360 with Watson is a comprehensive, dynamic unified endpoint management (UEM) solution for devices, applications, and content. There are several choices that you can make that affect how you configure your MaaS360 services. How will your users and devices authenticate? How will users and devices access apps and resources? What happens if a user or device is out of compliance? In this course, you are introduced to several strategies and planning activities that will help you deploy MaaS360 smoothly.

MaaS360 Deployment Checkpoint: Are you getting enough out of your MaaS360 environment?

Are you aware of all of the IBM MaaS360 features available to you? Are you taking advantage of features that can help you with security, productivity, and ease of use? In this replay, you can learn how to get the most out of your MaaS360 deployment.

MaaS360: Planning an implementation

Rolling out MaaS360 to your mobile device users requires a well thought out plan. It is important to scope the requirements for your MaaS360 portal and prepare administrative plans for both devices and users. In this course, you learn the basic concepts necessary to plan a MaaS360 implementation. You are also introduced to configuring your MaaS360 account, policies, and rulesets, and determining your daily operational tasks.

This course discusses the basic concepts and tasks necessary to plan for a MaaS360 implementation

Protecting your BYOD user privacy with MaaS360

As "work from home" becomes more and more prevalent, the need to protect employee privacy comes to the forefront of modern security concerns. MaaS360 has privacy in mind when it comes to BYOD devices and this video demonstrates how admins can protect, secure, and remove sensitive personal data from MaaS360.

MaaS360 new customer/admin workshop

Join the MaaS360 Client Success team as they introduce the resources you need to deploy and manage your MaaS360 service effectively. The workshop is also a critical component for completing MaaS360 on-boarding. 

The agenda includes:

-Manage your MaaS360 service

-Understand your endpoint management goals

-How to get help and training

Application deployment in MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 experts provide details on MaaS360 application distribution and deployment. The topics covered in this session include:

  • MaaS360 catalog (portal and device)
  • Types of apps supported
  • App management and distribution
  • App installs and upgrades
  • Best practice for bulk app management
  • App reporting, attributes, approvals
  • App development and distribution
  • App approvals
The webinar also includes a Q&A for each topic.
Duration: 73 minutes

MaaS360: Deep Dive into Device Inventory

This webinar provides a deep dive into MaaS360 Device Inventory. This video will get an overview of device actions and information fields, learn how to craft and apply custom attributes, and learn how to manage and deploy device groups.

The video covers the following topics:

  • Devices view 
  • Device Inventory 
  • Customize Inventory columns 
  • Add devices to Inventory 

       - Device Inventory for iOS

       - Device records

       - Device Summary

       - Device Security and Compliance

       - Device Hardware and Operating System

       - Device Apps Installed

       - Apps Distributions

       - Device Location Information

       - Device Browser History

       - Groups device belongs to

       - Device Custom Attributes

       - History

  • Device Inventory for Android Enterprise 

        - Device Summary (Android)

        - Hardware and OS (Android)

        - Reset Passcode

  • Device Enrollments
  • Actions & Events
  • Exceptions report
  • Custom Attributes
  • Alerts 
  • Device Locations

Duration: 58 minutes

MaaS360 Architect Badge

MaaS360 Architect badge

MaaS360 Architect

The MaaS360 professional who successfully completes the requirements for the MaaS360 Architect badge is prepared to implement the MaaS360 mobile device management system for an organization. These skills include but are not limited to explaining how MaaS360 supports devices, applications, and content, describing how to integrate mobile devices with both enterprise and cloud resources, and explaining strategies and planning activities that support a smooth deployment of MaaS360.

MaaS360 Planning and Architecture Lab

In this lab, you learn how to use IBM MaaS360 to enroll and manage Android or iOS devices. Then you use the Android or iOS device to enroll and install the MaaS360 app on the device.

MaaS360 Planning and Architecture

IBM MaaS360 is a comprehensive mobile management and security solution for devices, applications, and content. This module explains MaaS360 product capabilities, architecture, and integration points. You learn how to scope, plan, and evaluate deployment strategies for your enterprise mobility implementation.

MaaS360: Enterprise integration overview

In this course, you learn how MaaS360 can integrate with behind-the-firewall resources using the MaaS360 Cloud Extender and leverage direct cloud-to-cloud integrations.