Mobile Security: IBM MaaS360

Mobile Security: IBM MaaS360 Courses:


In this video, you will hear from IBM experts about Identity Management and Access Control features in MaaS360, including Multi-factor, Biometric, and Passwordless authentication methods.


The IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender is a small Windows application that enhances device management capabilities by integrating with behind-the-firewall systems within your environment, such as email, corporate directories, certificate authorities, and application and content servers.

Cloud Extender requires minimal resources, easily traverses proxy environments, and perhaps most importantly, provides secure messaging and data transfer between the MaaS360 platform and behind-the-firewall systems.

In this video, you learn how to install Cloud Extender.


This webinar is a MaaS360 deployment Checkpoint webinar which is targeted at MaaS360 administrators who have already gone through the MaaS360 portal set up process.

Often times you get the portal setup during initial deployment and then leave all the initial settings and services as-is. But we know that mobile platforms, your organization's mobile maturity, administrator expertise, and MaaS360 itself is constantly evolving. 

The Deployment Checkpoint webinars will provide you guided checkpoints to ensure you are taking advantage of the MaaS360 capabilities that can improve your security, productivity, and usability.

Duration: 61 minutes


This webinar takes a look at the new features implemented in 2020, as well as, what's planned for the rest of the year. You will also get overview on how MaaS360 stands with iOS/Android/Windows management and the general mobile management landscape.

Topics included in this video:

  • Introduction
  • Device enrollment program for iOS 13 and later
  • SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) support
  • User-based enrollment (iOS)
  • Advanced management for Apple devices
  • Update on WebView
  • Federated access to the Access School Manager portal
  • Update on basic authentication
  • Mail authentication and OAuth 
  • MaaS360 Identity features
  • Update on Android Enterprise 
  • Userless enrollment for Android Enterprise
  • Zero-day support
  • AppConfig or OEMConfig for specialized devices (Android Enterprise) 
  • AppConfig feedback channel feature
  • Multiple enrollment options for Windows 10 devices
  • Apple School and Business Manager
  • System update settings (Android Enterprise) 
  • Android Corporate Owned Personally-Enabled (COPE) mode
Duration: 53 minutes


In this video, you learn how to create a custom attribute in both Active Directory and IBM Security MaaS360 and then pass the custom attribute value from Active Directory to the MaaS360 portal.


IBM Security MaaS360 is a comprehensive mobile management and security solution for devices, applications, and content. In this module, you learn how to use MaaS360 to manage and secure the mobile apps for your enterprise.  You build an enterprise app catalog using the MaaS360 portal and distribute the app catalog to mobile devices. 

In this course, you learn to:

  • Describe mobile application management and security
  • Build and distribute an enterprise app catalog
  • Explain when to use SDK integration and app wrapping to secure and configure mobile app
  • Explain the AppConfig community and how it can be leveraged for app security and configuration


The IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender is a lightweight agent that runs as a Windows service.
You install the Cloud Extender on a Windows server behind your firewall so users and
devices can use internal resources, like directory services, email, applications, or file shares.

In this video, you learn about the Cloud Extender, its modules, and related MaaS360 services.
You also learn how to get the Cloud Extender installation package and license key.


Android Enterprise, a Google-led initiative, enables the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace. IBM Security MaaS360 integrates with Android Enterprise to provide a unified endpoint management experience. Currently, MaaS360 supports three management varieties provided with Android Enterprise; Profile Owner (PO), Device Owner (DO), and Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU).

PO assigns a work profile in which work apps and data are stored in a separate, self-contained space within a device. This scenario supports personally owned devices (BYOD).

In this lab, you configure MaaS360 with Android Enterprise. You learn how to enable Android Enterprise using a managed Google Play account and deploy a Work Profile (PO) to manage BYOD for personally enabled and personally owned devices. This process includes the following tasks: 

  • Configure Android Enterprise to manage personal devices
  • Initiate a trial with MaaS360
  • Adjust the deployment settings to ensure proper enrollment is met
  • Learn about application distribution and settings associated with these distributions
  • Create a Work Profile that separates business applications from apps in a personal profile
  • Configure the WorkPlace Persona policy for Secure Mail
  • Review device enrollment options and send an enrollment request
  • Remove the Work Profile from the device


In this video, you learn how to configure the IBM Security Mobile Enterprise Gateway in relay mode on a standalone server for demonstration and evaluation purposes. This process includes enabling the Enterprise Gateway, Mobile Content Management, and Secure Browser services in IBM Security MaaS360, configuring the Cloud Extender User Authentication and Enterprise Gateway modules, and reviewing the MaaS360 portal workflows.


In this video, MaaS360 expert Matt Shave provides an introduction to Windows 10 management. 

This video provides details about MaaS360 policy features and functionality, an overview of Enrollment Programs, and information on Application Distribution and Windows App Catalog.

Duration: 53 minutes