Mobile Security: IBM MaaS360

Mobile Security: IBM MaaS360 Courses:


Matt Shaver, our IBM MaaS360 Knowledge and Content Manager, provides a deep dive into MaaS360 App and Doc Management. In this video, Matt gives a practical guide to deploying apps, shows how to manage enterprise and private apps, and provides tips and tricks for content distribution. This video covers the following topics: 

  • Agenda
  • Introduction
  • App catalog
  • Public applications in iOS
  • AppConfig (iOS and Android)
  • Enterprise App for iOS
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • Android Google Play
  • Enterprise Apps for Android
  • App distribution
  • Docs and the Content Library
  • Q&A
Duration: 60 minutes


This video provides a checkpoint for your MaaS360 deployment.

It will provide you with information on all the MaaS360 features that are available to you. These features can help you improve security, productivity, and ease of use.

Duration: 58 minutes


This course explains the MaaS360 enhancements to the Android Enterprise workflows. These enhancements provide the ability to setup and deploy Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) enrollments, also known as, Profile Owner (PO) enrollments.  This course explains all the options available to you.

Duration: 30 minutes


This webinar provides a deep dive into device enrollment. The topics include:
  • enrollment process
  • manual enrollment
  • steps to enroll a device
  • enrollment types
  • enrollment programs: configured
  • enrollment programs: automated
  • streamlined (self) enrollment
  • enrollment settings
  • best practices
  • Q&A
Duration: 54 minutes


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MaaS360 Administrator


The MaaS360 professional who successfully completes the requirements for the MaaS360 Administrator badge will prove proficiency in setting up a MaaS360 portal, managing the policies and compliance rules distributed to mobile devices, supporting the MaaS360 enterprise mobile enterprise, and solving mobile device user problems.

How can I earn this badge?

  • This badge is open to all [IBM clients, business partners and employees].
  • Successful completion all courses listed in the Required courses section below
  • Earn 80 percent or higher on the exam.


This webinar provides information on User and Admin Management in MaaS360. The topics covered include:

  • User creation/Modification/Deletion
  • Sync with directories
  • Integration with SSO/Cloud Identity
  • User authentication
  • Administrator management
  • Best practices
Duration: 47 minutes


Each MaaS360 portal account includes several mobile device management (MDM) policies. You can use these default policies as is or customize them to meet your business requirements. The MDM policies secure the device itself and apply standard configuration settings. MaaS360 classifies the MDM policies by mobile device operating system. MDM policies restrict features and services on a device, based on the features each mobile operating system offers.  

This course shows you how you can create a new policy based on the following default policy types to secure your mobile devices:

  • Android MDM
  • iOS MDM
  • macOS MDM
  • Windows MDM