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Mobile Security: IBM MaaS360 Courses (2):


In this Open Mic session, Matthew Shaver recaps the important MaaS360 changes of 2018 and you learn what's coming in 2019. Matthew Shaver reviews iOS 12 features, such as new MDM features, Apple Business Manager, and new enrollment workflows, Android 9 features, such as the new MDM features and Android Enterprise, extended Windows hardware support, and unification of Microsoft products. The session also covers MaaS360 UEM, new MaaS360 user interface workflows, and MaaS360's partnership with Wandera.

Matt Shaver, Matthew Shaver, Vlad Ilca, Rachel Amity Brown


In this demonstration, you learn how to navigate the MaaS360 collaborative apps for mail, calendar, and contacts on an Android device.

The previous version of this course contains French and German language closed captions.