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Powered by AI and analytics and integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, IBM Security MaaS360® with Watson™ (MaaS360) simplifies and accelerates support of a diverse, complex endpoint and mobile environment. It provides a single platform to manage and secure all your laptops, desktops, mobile endpoints, users, apps, and content. 

In this course, you learn about MaaS360 SaaS features and integration capabilities. You also get a high-level overview of the MaaS360 SaaS and container architectures, implementation considerations, and several of the choices you make that affect how you configure MaaS360. You also learn how to configure policy and add devices in the MaaS360 portal.


  • Describe MaaS360 integration capabilities
  • Identify MaaS360 SaaS and container architectures
  • Use the implementation journey steps to secure endpoints and devices 
  • Identify the deployment types, enrollment programs, and authentication methods you need to manage devices
  • Name the MaaS360 editions
  • Configure the key components that you need to manage devices in MaaS360