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This video provides you with information on what is planned for the 2nd quarter 2019 for MaaS360. Learn about new MaaS360 features, as well as, details on preparing for the Android Q and iOS 13 releases.

The topics covered in this video include: 

  • Android Q (10)
  • Device Admin MDM
  • Android Enterprise Management Styles 
  • Android Enterprise Migration 
  •  iOS 13 
  • Enrollment Programs
  • iOS 13 Unauthorized Feature Deprecation 
  • User Enrollment (iOS 13) 
  • Device Enrollment : Deprecated Feature Set 
  • Automated Device Enrollment 
  • MaaS360 iOS Release 3.95
  • MaaS360 Android Release 6.70 
  • Q Readiness

Duration: 57 minutes