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IBM MaaS360 is a comprehensive mobile management and security solution for devices, applications, and content.  In this module, you learn how to use the MaaS360 portal to configure a MaaS360 instance that meets your business requirements. You use the portal workflows to configure your MaaS360 account and begin managing your mobile enterprise. 


  • Navigate the MaaS360 portal Home page
  • Describe and configure MaaS360 services
  • Identify and enable device enrollment and other deployment settings     
  • Describe the mobile device enrollment programs you can use in MaaS360
  • Configure administrator settings
  • Create new portal administrators
  • Use departmentalization to manage devices and content
  • Add users and user groups in the MaaS360 portal
  • Identify when to use custom attributes
  • Configure privacy settings and locations

Dawn LaPides, Amit Hansalia


In this video, you learn how to contact IBM MaaS360 Support. You also learn where to find the MaaS360 Technical Support Guide and how to locate the account number for your MaaS360 instance.

Amit Hansalia


This video provides an overview of MaaS360 compliance. In this video, you will learn how to automate action on non-compliant devices, and, how to set up advanced groups to look for security gaps.

The following topics are covered in this course: 

  • Introduction 
  • My Advisor with Watson 
  • Compliance rule sets
  • Add a rule set 
  • Basic settings 
  • Enforcement rules 
  • Geo-fencing rules 
  • Monitoring rules 
  • Expense Monitoring rules 
  • Group Based Rules - look for security gaps 
  • Applying the compliance rule set 
  • Out of compliance monitoring

Duration: 57 minutes


 In this demonstration, you access the Services page and examine the services in your MaaS360 portal.


This video walks you through how to secure access for Office365 with IBM Cloud Identity and MaaS360. Along with the end to end demonstration, this video also covers the following topics:

  • why protect access to Office365
  • requirements for securing Office365
  • architecture overview for on mobile and an unmanaged device
  • configuration steps to secure Office365

Duration: 35 minutes


In this demonstration, you learn how to create a new iOS MDM policy and configure device settings to secure mobile devices.
Amit Hansalia