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Mobile Security IBM MaaS360 Latest Courses (3):


Sharpen your fundamental MaaS360 knowledge and skills in this MaaS360 Open Mic replay.

This video covers the following topics: Apple, Android and Windows Basics; MaaS360 Portal Walk-Through; Devices; Users; Security/Policies; Apps; Docs, Expenses, Schools; Reports; Setup; Getting Help and User Information; and Supervised vs. Unsupervised


Find out how to harness the power of GSuite and other Google tools using MaaS360.

The topics covered in this video include an overview of Google, GSuite, and MaaS360, GSuite Integration and Gmail setup, Android Enterprise and Device Management, and ChromeOS Management.


A new MaaS360 Support Portal is coming soon. In this Open Mic webinar, a panel of MaaS360 Support experts provides a preview of what's changing and discusses crucial steps to take now to ensure a smooth transition to the new Support Portal.

This video provides an overview of the support transformation, details on the MaaS360 Ongoing Product Education, and information on an IBMid. It also explains the new support portal, including navigating the portal, chatting with Watson without logging in, chatting with Watson while logged in, opening a support case, viewing all cases, customization settings and the Support Transformation forum.