The Guardium track at Virtual Master Skills University features new and refreshed live sessions focused on topics like architecture, deployment types, and automation; agent-based and agent-less approaches to database activity monitoring; Guardium Insights and reporting in Guardium today; analytics, security analytics, and predictive analytics; and more. It also features all-new labs on topics like monitoring data sources on the Cloud with Guardium External TAP and Guardium Insights. If you've attended the Guardium track at Master Skills University in the past, join us again to sharpen your skillset with these new sessions and labs!

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Master Skills University 2020 - Guardium

The total time required to complete this roadmap is 25h 47m.

Welcome to Virtual Master Skills University 2020! This is IBM Security's very first virtual Master Skills event, and we're thrilled that you've chosen to spend part of your week with us. Each day, you'll experience advanced-level knowledge transfer from our top subject matter experts, get hands-on with self-paced virtual labs, and have opportunities to chat live with our experts. Here on Security Learning Academy, you'll find replays of the live Master Skills University sessions, all of the hands-on virtual Master Skills University labs, a virtual Escape Room game, additional relevant courses to help you continue your learning, and more.

To join the live sessions each day, use the “Attendee Catalog” link in your event confirmation and reminder emails. When they are available, recordings of the live sessions will become available here on Security Learning Academy. You cannot access the live sessions from Security Learning Academy.

Day 1: Monday, Sept 21, 2020

Day 2: Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020

Day 3: Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020

Day 4: Thursday, Sept 24, 2020 (Cloud Pak for Security)

Additional Learning

Guardium Analytics

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University, David Rozenblat covers Analytics, Security Analytics, and Predictive Analytics in Guardium, including quick search outliers, investigation dashboard, outlier detection (over long term), and case studies (malicious stored procedure, SQL).

IBM Guardium Data Protection

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University, Yosef Rozenblit reviews lessons learned and talks about the data protection elements that every deployment must have configured.

GIM and S-TAP Installation Assistance

GIM and S-TAP installation are common but complex tasks. In this session from Virtual Master Skills University, Avi Walerius covers GIM and S-TAP installation, how to investigate issues, leverage the S-TAP dashboard (from 11.2), and ensure installation is successful.

IBM Guardium Administration and Performance

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020,  Vinay Vijayadharan shares advanced tips about what administrators need to watch out for and manage.

IBM Guardium Reporting and audit process

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, Bill Manty covers reporting in Guardium today: Custom queries,  reports, domains and compliance workflow , distributed reports, data marts, and how to enhance with a modern approach.

Guardium: Different data collection methods for different use cases

This session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020 focuses on how Guardium Data Protection enables flexibility and choice by offering agent-based and agent-less approaches to monitoring database activities. The session highlights benefits, use cases and considerations for each approach so that organizations can make the right choice(s) for securing their data assets.

IBM Guardium Policy Management

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, Yosef Rozenblit shares how to best use and manage policies and groups and discusses the overall impact on logging and performance. 

IBM Guardium Architecture, Deployment, Automation

In This session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, Prasad Bandaru covers architecture, as well as the product components, current architecture, deployment considerations, sizing, load balancing, agents , and automation.

Guardium Vision & Guardium Insights Intro

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, Leslie Wiggins  covers the data security vision as well as how Guardium Insights can augment your Guardium Data Protection deployment, helping reduce TCO, and simplify the Guardium architecture while enabling users to get and share years of report data in seconds, benefit from advanced analytics and risk scoring to prioritize activities, take immediate protective action, and deploy flexibly.