Verify Governance

The Verify Governance track (formerly the IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence track) at Master Skills University features new and refreshed live sessions focused on topics like adapters, custom branding and UI customization, ISIQ integration, rules concepts, governance from the Cloud, and more. It also features new and refreshed hands-on virtual labs on topics like AD integration, custom branding and UI customization, and certification campaigns. Plus, in roadmap sessions, you'll learn more about IBM Security Verify and the journey to Cloud.

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Master Skills University 2020 - Verify Governance

The total time required to complete this roadmap is 23h 13m.

Welcome to Virtual Master Skills University 2020! This is IBM Security's very first virtual Master Skills event, and we're thrilled that you've chosen to spend part of your week with us. Each day, you'll experience advanced-level knowledge transfer from our top subject matter experts, get hands-on with self-paced virtual labs, and have opportunities to chat live with our experts. Here on Security Learning Academy, you'll find replays of the live Master Skills University sessions, all of the hands-on virtual Master Skills University labs, a virtual Escape Room game, additional relevant courses to help you continue your learning, and more.

To join the live sessions each day, use the “Attendee Catalog” link in your event confirmation and reminder emails. When they are available, recordings of the live sessions will become available here on Security Learning Academy. You cannot access the live sessions from Security Learning Academy.

Day 1: Monday, Sept 21, 2020

Day 2: Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020

Day 3: Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020

Day 4: Thursday, Sept 24, 2020 (Cloud Pak for Security)

Additional Learning

Verify Governance operations, performance, and lessons learned

This session from Virtual Master Skills University explores hybrid scenarios and use cases.

Governance from the cloud

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, get advanced tips and tricks for customizing the Cloud Extender in MaaS360.

ISIQ integration

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University, learn how to use the IBM Security Information Queue (ISIQ) to integrate Identity Governance and Administration solutions.

The rules toolkit, SDK, and common use cases

Explore the Rules SDK in this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020.

Verify Governance rules concepts

Rules are the main means for extending the product functionality. This session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020 explores rules related to events flowing through the queues, rules used in advanced data mapping in connectors and adapters, and more.

Verify Governance architecture, data, and integration

This session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020 takes a deep dive into architecture. The presentation includes the components, high availability and disaster recovery considerations, and presents some standard deployment patterns. It also examines queues and data flows.

What's new in Verify Governance, and rebranding

In this session from Virtual Master Skills University 2020, find out what's new with Verify Governance (formerly Identity Governance and Intelligence).