QRadar SIEM Courses (7):

Maintaining QRadar 101 - Open Mic

This video is intended for new administrators, or users, who have inherited QRadar responsibilities in their organization and want a crash course on how to maintain and manage QRadar. The goal of this video is to give administrators an idea, of what to review on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to prevent support calls and understand QRadar as a new administrator. 

This IBM QRadar Support Open Mic session was recorded on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

QRadar Sysmon QRadar Sysmon and Windows Endpoint Detection - Open MicOpen Mic

In this Open Mic you learn about the enhanced Windows endpoint monitoring capability with Sysmon and QRadar. The IBM Security Support explains why you want to use Sysmon, and how to properly set it up.

QRadar foundations - Rules and Offenses

In this video, you learn about how QRadar rules perform tests on events, flows, or offenses. If all the conditions of a test are met, the rule generates a response.

QRadar SIEM includes rules that detect a wide range of activities, including excessive firewall denies, multiple failed login attempts, and potential botnet activity. 

The following list describes the two rule categories:

  • Custom rules perform tests on events, flows, and offenses to detect unusual activity in your network
  • Anomaly detection rules perform tests on the results of saved flow or event searches to detect when unusual traffic patterns occur in your network

QRadar foundations - Flows

In IBM QRadar SIEM, you can investigate the communication sessions between two hosts.

If the content capture option is enabled, the Network Activity tab displays information about how network traffic is communicated and what was communicated. Using the Network Activity tab, you can do the following tasks:

  • Investigate the flows that are sent to QRadar SIEM in real time
  • Search network flows
  • Monitor network activity by using configurable time-series charts

QRadar foundations - Events

With IBM QRadar SIEM, you can monitor and display network events in real time or perform advanced searches.

The Log Activity tab displays event information as records from a log source, such as a firewall or router device. Use the Log Activity tab to do the following tasks:

  • Investigate events that are sent to QRadar SIEM in real time
  • Search events
  • Monitor log activity by using configurable time-series charts
  • Identify false positives to tune QRadar SIEM

QRadar domains and tenants Open Mic

In this QRadar Open Mic you learn about domains and tenants, and how these concepts are implemented and used. You also hear about tips and other helpful information for QRadar administrators.

QRadar Log Source Protocols - Open Mic

This IBM Security Support Open Mic video explains how QRadar uses log source protocols to collect event data, capturing configuration properties, error messages, and other use cases for data collection.


  • Events FAQ and terminology
  • Listening protocols (Syslog)
  • Polling protocols (JDBC / Log File)
  • Tips and performance Suggestions
  • Specialty protocols (APIs)
  • Questions and discussion