X-Force Exchange

X-Force Exchange Courses:

X-Force Exchange Tutorial Series

IBM® X-Force® Exchange is a cloud-based threat intelligence platform. It enables you to rapidly research the latest global security threats, aggregate actionable intelligence and collaborate with your peers. IBM X-Force Exchange is supported by one of the most recognized security research teams in the world—IBM X-Force.

This series covers:

  • Walking through the X-Force Exchange Dashboard
  • Use of settings and profiles including the new feature "Integrations"
  • X-Force Exchange collections for beginners
  • Groups and Sharing in X-Force Exchange
  • Honeypot data manipulated with Linux shell and put into an X-Force Exchange collection

Exploring the X-Force Exchange Am I Affected feature

You can now use the X-Force Exchange to determine if you are affected by threats. The Am I Affected feature searches your QRadar environment and notifies you if you are prone to threats identified in the numerous X-Force Exchange collections. This course reviews the Am I Affected functionality and how you can integrate IBM X-Force Exchange Threat Intelligence information into your QRadar environment.

Integrating X-Force Exchange and QRadar to prevent ransomware outbreaks

You can integrate QRadar and threat intelligence from IBM X-Force Exchange to protect your organization against ransomware attacks. This video walks you through configuring threat data feeds from X-Force Exchange to monitor and detect ransomware outbreaks such as Petya or WannaCry.