System Integrations

This category contains integration scenarios that use IBM Data Security products.

System Integrations Courses:

Demo: Integration of IBM Cloud Pak for Security with Guardium Insights

A walk through of integration between IBM Cloud Pak for Security "Cases" and Guardium Insights

  • Map a ticket in Guardium Insights to the “Cases” application and assign to a user
  • Allow SOC analyst to view and respond through the Cloud Pak for Security console

Guardium Tech Talk: Making cloudy skies clear again: What can you do with Guardium Data Protection in the cloud?

This Tech Talk discusses how to use IBM Guardium Data Protection to address Cloud data security issues including:

  • IaaS Solution: Multi-Cloud Protection
  • Backup/Restore Additions
  • Amazon RDS: Discovery
  • Roadmap, Resources, and Questions

Guardium for z/OS overview

The IBM DB2 for z/OS platform stores mission critical data for companies. In this overview, you will learn how IBM Security Guardium can help monitor, audit, and protect DB2 z/OS environments.  Topics include best practices and approaches to protect your data using Guardium for DB2 z/OS S-TAP features and capabilities, and troubleshooting.

IBM Guardium Data Protection for Files, NAS, and SharePoint

IBM Guardium Data Protection for Files discovers and classifies unstructured sensitive file repositories on various platforms, including Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Microsoft SharePoint. These videos cover:
  • Data-centric security approach
  • Partnership with STEALTHbits
  • Data Protection for Files, NAS, and SharePoint
  •  File Discovery, Entitlement, and Classification (FDEC)
  • File Activity Monitoring (FAM)

Build Your First Guardium App Using the New Ecosystem Technologies

Guardium 10.5 includes an ecosystem to extend and enhance your current Guardium deployment with new capabilities. Guardium apps are the centerpiece of the ecosystem, allowing you to augment and enrich your current Guardium system. You can create your own Guardium apps or download and install shared apps created by IBM, business partners, or other Guardium customers.

In this tech talk, John Haldeman from Information Insights will share his experiences using the Guardium Ecosystem and demonstrate how to:

- Create a Guardium app using the Software Development Kit (SDK)

- Deploy your app on your Guardium appliance

- Share your app on the IBM Guardium App Exchange

Guardium Universal Connectors

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to add support for new data sources?  The Guardium Universal Connector creates an easy to use, robust mechanism to add new data sources to Guardium. The Universal Connector supports filtering and parsing capabilities, on-premise and cloud platforms, and many data source types. 

This session, led by IBM experts, includes the following topics:

  • Universal Connector flow and architecture
  • A demonstration 
  • Configuring Universal Connectors
  • Installing plugins
  • GIM Bundles
  • Universal Connector APIs
  • Implementation considerations
  • Diagnostic procedures

Universal Connectors are supported by Guardium 11.3 and higher.

Tech Day Replay: Continuously monitor and protect sensitive data across your mainframe environments

This tech talk provides a comprehensive overview of the continuous and adaptive approach to mainframe data protection offered by Guardium for z/OS. We deep dive into Guardium and Z security, see Guardium Data Protection at work during an interactive demo, and get answers from experts to questions on protecting data on z/OS.

Tech Day Replay: Cloud Pak for Data and Guardium Data Protection: Better Together

IBM's best-of-breed data security solution with its modern, governed data analytics and AI platform allows enterprises to realize the innovative potential of their data.  Learn how Cloud Park for Data and Guardium Data Protection work together to provide you a better, safer data experience.

This workshop held on October 29, 2020 includes:

    • IBM Cloud Pak for Data with Guardium Data Protection overview and deep-dive with data and security experts
    • Solution demonstrations
    • Live Q&A throughout

: 2 hours, 39 minutes (Total)