System Integrations

This category contains integration scenarios that use IBM Security MaaS360.

System Integrations Courses:

MaaS360 and QRadar SIEM integration

This video series demonstrates integration between IBM MaaS360 and IBM QRadar SIEM. It includes the following demonstrations:

  • MaaS360 and QRadar Integration overview
  • Sending MaaS360 events to QRadar SIEM
  • Installing the MaaS360 app
  • Using QRadar Action Script with MaaS360 API

Prerequisites: This video series assumes that you have the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge of QRadar SIEM concepts
  • Basic knowledge of the MaaS360 portal
  • Basic knowledge of Python scripting

For more information about these topics, visit the QRadar SIEM and MaaS360 roadmaps in the Security Learning Academy.

Integrating BigFix with MaaS360 for Unified Reporting

This video series shows you how to integrate BigFix with MaaS360 to provide a side by side  view of MaaS360 managed devices and BigFix managed endpoints in the BigFix Console.  BigFix Administrators can view MaaS360 devices and take limited actions on them from the BigFix Console.

IBM Security Immune System - Architecture and Integrations - Interconnect 2017 presentation

IBM believes that companies using point solutions cannot effectively combat advanced threats. These organizations should look at their security assets as organs in the human body, interacting with each other to fight disease and improve health. Integrated security solutions and security analytics are the key to a healthy Security Immune System.

This presentation delves into the integration points within the IBM Security Immune System, with a focus on architecture and technical details. Security architects and security analysts will find this session a strong introduction to building real-world security for their enterprise.

Introduction to the IBM Security Immune System

The IBM Security Immune System looks at a security portfolio in an organized fashion - as an integrated framework of security capabilities that transmits and ingests vital security data to help gain visibility, understand, and prioritize threats, and coordinate multiple layers of defense. At its core, the system automates policies and block threats - just as the human immune system can assess and identify a virus and then trigger an immune response.