System Integrations

This category contains integration scenarios that use IBM Security Intelligence products.

System Integrations Courses:

Analyzing Threats Using IBM i2 and IBM QRadar Integration

This course demonstrates how IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) and IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook can enrich the analysis of an IBM QRadar offense by curating and importing data from several disparate sources into the EIA Information Store. In this use case, data from multiple sources is imported into i2 Analyst's Notebook where you use link analysis to uncover connections and networks among different entities as well as behavior patterns.

Among the topics that you will cover in this course are:

  • Using the Offense Investigator app to bring a QRadar offense into i2 Analyst's Notebook (ANB) and expanding on an offense
  • Connecting to (EIA) from i2 Analyst's Notebook to  to find data using Search and Visual Search tools from the Home toolbar
  • Using Expand and Expand with Conditions to bring linked items from the EIA Information Store into an ANB chart to visualize connections
  • Using i2 Analyst's Notebook analysis tools and the Analyze toolbar features like Search, List Items, Bar Charts and Histograms, Find Connecting Network
  • Bringing data from multiple sources into one analytical investigation to shut down security breaches and to find out who is behind them and why

How to use IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence and integrate with QRadar SIEM

This course teaches you how to take advantage of the information posted in IBM X-Force Exchange (XFE) platform by using the API, curl tool, and python language.

The course also demonstrates integration between XFE and QRadar SIEM using XFE SDK and direct integration or Threat Intelligence Application and TAXII endpoints.


  • Learn how to leverage the X-Force Exchange API, curl tool, and python scripts to pull threat data from the X-Force Exchange platform
  • Install the Threat Intelligence app in QRadar SIEM
  • Test the API using online documentation
  • Use curl commands and the X-Force Exchange API documentation to simulate browser requests
  • Write a python script that uses X-Force Exchange API code
  • Use TAXII feeds, collections, and the QRadar Threat Intelligence app to integrate the X-Force Exchange API and QRadar SIEM
  • Configure threat data feeds to monitor and detect ransomware outbreaks

IBM BigFix App for QRadar

This lab demonstrates how IBM BigFix ® App for QRadar®  enhances security intelligence of managed endpoints.  You learn how endpoint information, such as vulnerabilities, patching status, software installed, and file hashes, are provided to the Security Analyst using the QRadar SIEM console. This lab contains a video that provides an overview of BigFix App for QRadar,  an installation video, and a hands-on section that gives you practice with the app's functions.

Explain the value of IBM BigFix App for QRadar during investigation and remediation
Install the BigFix App for QRadar
Use the hands-on lab environment that has BigFix Platform and  BigFix App for QRadar installed to perform the following tasks:
Manage the distribution of patches and review vulnerability data on endpoints
Incorporate endpoint data gathered by BigFix Inventory using a default fixlet named Initiate Software Scan and a custom fixlet 
Leverage endpoint compliance status information
Use X-Force Threat Intelligence data to verify the reputation of file hashes on endpoints
Enable or disable antivirus on Windows endpoints