System Integrations

This category contains integration scenarios that use IBM Security Threat Intelligence products.

System Integrations Courses:

Using IBM X-Force Deep Packet Inspection in the IBM Security Access Manager Appliance

This course demonstrates how IBM X-Force PAM engine works in IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) appliance. The course is the how-to lab guide with the set of virtual machines that students can explore on they own time.

How to use IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence and integrate with QRadar SIEM

This course teaches you how to take advantage of the information posted in IBM X-Force Exchange (XFE) platform by using the API, curl tool, and python language.

The course also demonstrates integration between XFE and QRadar SIEM using XFE SDK and direct integration or Threat Intelligence Application and TAXII endpoints.


  • Learn how to leverage the X-Force Exchange API, curl tool, and python scripts to pull threat data from the X-Force Exchange platform
  • Install the Threat Intelligence app in QRadar SIEM
  • Test the API using online documentation
  • Use curl commands and the X-Force Exchange API documentation to simulate browser requests
  • Write a python script that uses X-Force Exchange API code
  • Use TAXII feeds, collections, and the QRadar Threat Intelligence app to integrate the X-Force Exchange API and QRadar SIEM
  • Configure threat data feeds to monitor and detect ransomware outbreaks

Using IBM X-Force Indicators of Compromise in QRadar

IBM Security X-Force continuously monitors threats and contributes to the X-Force collections with Indicators of Compromise (IoC). Some of the X-Force collections and threat intelligence data are public and some is premium. To effectively search and discover malicious activity in your organization based on X-Force threat intelligence, you can use the "Am I Affected" feature. To continuously and proactively monitor IBM Security QRadar events and receive X-Force threat intelligence data, install and configure the free Threat Intelligence app from the IBM Security App Exchange. This video describes those integrations that use the X-Force threat intelligence data related to malicious threats associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.