Roadmap: Getting started with QRadar

The total time required to complete this roadmap is 11h 59m.

This roadmap outlines fundamental courses that are intended for someone new to IBM QRadar. These courses describe the architecture, explain deployment options, review the installation, and help you to deploy and understand licensing. This roadmap also introduces the configuration of key product features such as network hierarchy, assets, user management, log sources, flows, rules, and offenses. Finally, it shows you how to use QRadar to analyze offenses, create reports, and emphasize the tuning aspects of the solution. 

You are also encouraged to explore the other QRadar roadmaps that focus on different QRadar user roles.

Navigating QRadar on the Security Learning Academy

Review the following course to navigate QRadar Security Intelligence on the IBM Security Learning Academy.

Roadmap category: Planning and installing

Review the following courses to learn about the QRadar component and deployment architecture, installation process, and licensing:

Roadmap category: Configuring

Use the following courses to learn about key QRadar features and configuration tasks:

Roadmap category: Investigating and reporting

Use the courses in this category to learn about QRadar Rules and Offenses, which help to detect IT security issues in your organization. These courses show how to use searches and analyze potential incidents.

Roadmap category: Tuning for investigation

There are many aspects to tuning your QRadar configuration. The courses in this group introduce you to some basic tuning tasks to improve your investigations.